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100 English and Chinese Conversation Topics (with Pinyin

N pngsh shngbn hu shngxu du znme zu?

I want to Learn chinese Into urdu Language.

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Chinese conversation-Intermediate 프레즈로그

Y wi wid de lngxi du xyo jbi nxi tdin?

B039    What is the best holiday youve ever had?

A004     What do you like to eat?

C079    In your opinion, under what conditions should abortion be acceptable, if at all?

Helped me a lot. Thank you very much!

C067     Do you think advertising has a negative effect on society?

B048    Do you like going to pubs and nightclubs?

A012    What languages do you speak?

C075    Should primary school students be taught sex education

C084     What characteristics should a great leader have?

Huch, dinch h gnggng qch, n gng xhuan n yg?

A025     Whats your favourite film?

A027    Are you married or single?

N zofn pngsh du ch xi shnme?

nls dunin yli yzh sh yg chngmn zhngy de hut. Sh q hfhu de yuqudin g sh shnme?

A024    What do you do on holidays?

N guji chuntng de shw sh shnme?

B044    What do you think about this citys public transport system?

A003     Where is your hometown?

B043    Are you interested in politics? Why or why not?

Ynggi zi gngl xuxio ni jnzh tgng lj shpn ma?

B052    Do you like reading? What books do you like to read?

B065     What are some of the problems of tourism?

N zu xhuan de dinyng sh shnme?

C085    What are the signs of teenage depression? How can teenage depression be prevented or treated?

C089    Do you  play any musical instruments? If not, are there any you would you like to play?

B059    Do you have a good sense of direction?

C096    In your opinion, which invention most benefitted humanity?

Zi shnme xind ni shyng dngw li zu kxu ynji ky bi jishu?

Any enquiries, please contact me by email: 1366974083 AT 电话 DOT com.

A011    What animal would you most like to be?

Ynggi du xioxushng jnxng xngjioy ma?

Kudos to the creator of this website. I find it very beneficial and shared with my Chinese crew on board our vessels. This gives them an opportunity to work on their English.

C093    Do you use social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook? Why or why not?     TwitterFacebook

on35 Common False Friends in Chinese and Japanese

B052 missing n on kn. 2013.3.12 Great list thanks for sharing. Very, very useful.

C077     What does it mean to be happy? How does one find happiness?

Thankz! for the great list for a Thai like me to learn English n Chinese at the same time.

C094    Do you think university students are under a lot of stress nowadays?

A028    Do you drive or take public transport?

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A016    Do you have a best friend? Who is s/he?

N hu ynzu n zhng yuq? Rgu b hu dehu, n n xwng zj nng hu ynzu n zhng yuq?

N du zhngzh gnxngq ma? Wishnme?

C088    What are your views on global warming and climate change?

C076    What is the meaning of life?

Carl Gene FordhamNAATI

N jude gunggo hu gi shhu dili fmin yngxing ma?

B049    Who is your favourite celebrity?

B062    What is your favourite item of clothing, and why?

N xhuan k sh ma? Pngsh du kn xi shnme yng de sh?

Dngwyun duy yshng dngw li jing sh bsh guy cnrn?

N zi zhge chngsh zh le duji le?

My role atGlobal Heartshas expanded lately, which is very cool. They provide unique, bilingual tours of Melbourne for international students from all over the world. Their goal is to bridge the existing communication gap between international students and locals, a very worthwhile ambition. They also run a very awesomeChinese and English language exchange group which meets Thursday and Saturday afternoons in Melbourne city. I love attending because its very informal and you get to meet new people from all over the world each week. Anyway, what the group is missing is a comprehensive list of English and Chinese conversation topics to keep everyone inspired and talking smoothly. So I have come up with a list of 100 English conversation topics, complete with Chinese translations and pinyin for convenience. The Chinese translations were carefully crafted by me and proofread by my friend Bo thanks mate! I provide the full list here for everyone I hope you all find it useful. This can also be used as preparation for the IELTS speaking exam or even the HSK.

B056    What are the personalities of your parents and other family members?

Ynggi yoqi xushng chun xiof ma?

Yuxi zhngf yjng jnzh zi gnggng chngsu xyn, n shfu tngy?

Zi xindi shhu zhng, ysh qdo le znyng de zuyng?

Xngf de dngy sh shnme? Rnmen rh cinng zhodo xngf?

B038     What is the best way to make new friends?

B037    What are the best ways to keep healthy?

A008    Where do you work?

N jude zhge chngsh de gnggng jiotng xtng znme yng?

N znyng li zhpi zj de hu xiao?

N xhuan lyu ma? N du q gu nxi dfang?

A019    What hobbies do you have?

N du zh zu chngsh de ynxing znmeyng?

N jude xufi ynggi yu zhngf hish grn li zhf?

Interference Experienced By Chinese Learners

B036    Do you like karaoke? Why or why not?    OK

Brilliantly useful! Thank you ever so much.

Thanks, this should be great for building convo starters/fillers

N jude gugu de jioy xtng rh?

A010    What kind of music do you like?

N jngchng knwng n de jirn ma?

A014    How many people are in your family?

A001     Whats your name?

C082    In what circumstances is patriotism justified?

A005     What do you like to drink?

C100     What role does art play in modern societies?

A029    What do you like to do in your spare time?

C087    Should the death penalty be abolished?

A018    What do you do on the weekend?

on110 Diseases, Disabilities and Disorders in English and Chinese

C080    Should students be required to wear a school uniform?

B058    How long have you been learning your second language?

on35 Common False Friends in Chinese and Japanese

B042    Do you have an iPhone? Why or why not?     iPhone

Carl Gene Fordham lectures on Chinese-English translation at the School of Interpreting and Translation, Beijing International Studies University. As an Australian NAATI-accredited Chinese-English translator, Carl has over eight years experience in professional translation, mainly in the Australian legal, business and immigration domains. He has also regularly coordinated NAATI professional translating and interpreting courses in Melbourne since 2008. Carl holds a Masters in Translation Studies from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, and a Masters in Ancient Chinese History from Xiamen, China.

Fdng de tupio ninlng ynggi bi sudunzh sh li su ma?

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on100 English and Chinese Conversation Topics (with Pinyin)

C069    Some people have suggested we should raise the legal drinking age in Australia to 21. Do you think this a good idea?

Zi n kn li, rgu ky de hu, zi shnme tiojin xi lichn ky bi jishu?

B061    Do you like to travel? What places have you been to?

N xhuan shngwng ma? Yu nxi wngzhn n ky tujin yxi?

B046    Are you a night owl or an early bird?

N jude n sh yg zhinn hu zhin ma?

Boch jinkng de zu ho fngf sh shnme?

B047    Do you see your family often?

onCarls Recommended English Vocabulary Part 5

B050    What are your impressions of this city?

C078    Euthanasia has been a controversial topic for many years. What are the pros and cons to it being legalised?

Thanks to your website, I can continue studying Chinese today. Thank you

C068    Do you think women should be allowed to fight in the front line?

Thank you so much for your website. I find it really useful for me to continue learning Chinese after a long time leaving it behind. Youve got my vote for your website!

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N xux d r yyn du chng shjin le?

Xitin h dngtin, n gng xhuan n yg?

Holiw hu gi shji di li bu ling de yngxing ma?

Shu shu n chun gu de yfu zhng, n y jin n zu xhuan? Wishnme?

B066    Do you like to take risks? Why or why not?

A009    What did you do today?

C072    Are zoos cruel to wild animals?

A022    What do you normally have for breakfast?

B053    What are your future goals?

Klng jsh de yudin h q qinzi de wixin du yu nxi?

Yurn jiny wmen ynggi b ozhu de fdng ynji ninlng tgo do r sh y su. N rnwi zh sh yg ho zhy ma?

B064     Have you ever been in love?

C070    Some governments have banned smoking in all public places. Do you agree or disagree?

A021     What is your favourite food?

Zi guq de r sh nin zhng, chuntng de nnxng jus binhu do le shnmeyng de chngd?

Qngshonin yy du yu nxi jxing? Rh bmin huzh zhlio qngshonin yy?

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A030    Whats your favourite TV show?

Jijio xn pngyou de zu ho fngf sh shnme?

N du qunqi binnun h qhu binhu yu shnme knf?

B055     What are some of your bad habits?

N zi xuxio sh du xu le nxi km?

B063    Do you like surfing the web? What websites would you recommend?

A033    Do you prefer trains, trams or buses?

N zu xhuan de dinshj sh shnme?

Wmen ynggi b qin hu zi kngjin tnsu shng ma?

N shngmng zhng y xing zhngyo de chngji sh shnme?

100 English and Chinese Conversation Topics (with Pinyin)

N jude zi ozhu dxu xux de guj xushng jing hu minln nxi tiozhn?

Ynggi zi mit zhng bodo guny zsh de xnwn ma?

C091    Does Hollywood have a negative influence on the world?

B034     Do you often eat fast food? Why or why not?

Professional translator residing in Beijing, China

Kngb zhy cngli du b hl ma?

B054    Do you celebrate Christmas?

A013     How long have you lived in this city?

on222 English Emotions Translated into Chinese

C083     Can politicians be trusted?

B041    What are some of the traditional foods in your home country?

Zi shnme yng de qngkung xi, igu zhy ci sun sh hl?

C074     Should money be spent on space exploration?

B035    What is a major achievement in your life?

B051    Is money important?

N de fm h qt jirn de xngg du sh shnmeyng de?

C071    To what extent is the use of animals in scientific research acceptable?

Zi n kn li, n y xing fmng gi rnli di li le zud de hoch?

C081    Should the age to vote be reduced to 16?

C086     What are the advantages and potential dangers of cloning?

A032    What subjects did you study in school?

N shyng xing Twitter huzh Facebook zhyng de shjio wngzhn ma? Wishnme?

N rnwi ynggi ynx fn zi qinxin zhndu ma?

C099     What do you think about your countrys education system?

N zu xing chngwi n zhng dngw?

A015    Have you been to Sydney?

I posted a link to this list on my Chinese Language Meetup Group website. I really appreciate what youve done here.

A026    What is your greatest wish?

A023    How do you get to work or university?

N sh Rbn dngmn hu qt ktng de fns ma?

N yu zuho de pngyu ma? T hu t sh she?

C073    To what extent has the traditional male role changed in the last 20 years?

B045     Are you a fan of anime or other cartoons?

A017    Do you prefer summer or winter?

N du xhuan n zhng ty xingm?

A028 The Chinese translation part: It should be instead of .

C098    What kind of challenges do international students face studying at universities in Australia?

N jud dngjn dxushng de yl sh b sh hn d?

A007    What do you study?

C092    Should junk food be banned in public schools?

This is really useful! Ill use this with my language exchange buddies tomorrow, thanks!

N jngchng ch kuicn ma? Wishnme?

C095    Do you think the government or the individual should pay for tuition fees?

A002     Where were you born?

A031    Do you like shopping? Why or why not?

C090    Can terrorism ever be justified?

N su d gu zu ykui de yg jiq sh n yg?

B040    Do you think you are a nerd?

B060    How do you spend your money?

onMandarin English Dialogue 38 Utilities Bill Dispute

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C097     Should suicides be reported in news media?

A020    What sports do you like?


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