Intensive Spoken Chinese

This set of courses is specially designed with brand – new approaches for foreign students beginning to learn Chinese. Independent from one another yet integrated into a whole, there are three courses in this set: Intensive Spoken Chinese, The most Common Chinese Radicals, and Rapid Literacy in Chinese. Beginning with Pinyin only, instead of dealing … Read more

Useful Chinese Language Collections

The Chinese conversation lessons cover a wide range of topics and are designed for those who want to learn to communicate freely in day-to-day Chinese. SAT Chinese Test Preparation Course Customized Chinese Lessons for Kids Do you want to have a Chinese name? Well help you choose Chinese names during our one-to-one Chinese language classes. … Read more

The worlds languages in 7 maps and charts

These seven maps and charts, visualized by The Washington Post, will help you understand how diverse other parts of the world are in terms of languages. These maps show worlds least religious countries 6. Nevertheless, most languages are spoken only by a handful of people. Thats why about half of the worlds languages will disappear by the end of the … Read more

What Languages Are Spoken In Taiwan?

The most significant of foreign languages in Taiwan is English. Being the undisputed language of international commerce, English has been experiencing a growing number of speakers in the country. The language is taught in schools, a situation which has been attributed to the increasing population of young English proficient speakers. Mandarin Chinese is the official … Read more

Languages of Taiwan

Articles containing Chinese-language text SIL Electronic Survey Reports 2003-012, Dallas, TX: SIL International. There are a significant immigrant and spouses inTaiwanare fromSouth-East Asia. Cheng, Hung-ta; Chung, Jake (30 December 2017).Hakka made an official language. Traditional Chinese charactersis widely used inTaiwanto writeSinitic languagesincludingMandarinTaiwanese HokkienandHakka. TheMinistry of Educationmaintains standards of writing for these languages, publications including theStandard … Read more

What are the Most Spoken Languages in the World?

French is a Romance language, but over the centuries its taken on heavy influence from Celtic and Germanic tongues. In fact, the language (and country) are named after theFranks, a collection of tribes from the Middle Ages whose language, Frankish, was Germanic, not Romance. People sometimes speak of Chinese as if its a single language. … Read more

Chinese pronouns

Yip, Po-Ching; Rimmington, Don (2004). A second-person pronounnis sometimes used for addressing deities. . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. pp.166169.ISBN0-521-82380-3OCLC70671780. Amsterdam Studies in the Theory and History of Linguistic Science, Series IV, Volume 184 The Chinese Language: Its History and Usage ) John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia 1999.ISBN90-272-3690-9, S. 142147; W. A. C. H. Dobson: University Press, Cambridge … Read more