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40 Funny-Sounding Words in English

Bushes plants that grow thick vegetation and are close to the ground. The walkway to our house is lined withshrubbery.

Weak; not strong. Can be used for physical or non-physical weakness. He made afeebleattempt to defend himself, but everyone knew he was guilty.

A mix of random items of various types. This drawer contains ahodgepodgeof office supplies staples, clips, post-it notes, pencils, etc.

Arrogant. My last boss was apompousjerk who thought he was superior to everyone else.

Loud noisefrom a confusion or agitated event. I looked out the window to find out the cause of theruckus,and saw a bunch of teenagers having a party across the street.

A negative word for anold-fashioned personwho does not accept modern trends. Maybe it makes me afuddy-duddy, but I really dont think mini-skirts are acceptable for job interviews.

Badly constructed, so that it is likely to fall apart. We crossed the river on aramshacklebridge.

Astonished (very surprised) to the point that its difficult to speak. I wasflabbergastedwhen I heard that John and Debbie were going to get divorced they had seemed like such a happy couple!

Describes a person who isweak in their decisionsor character. My ex-boyfriend was sowishy-washy,he couldnt even choose what movie to watch on a Friday night.

Extreme sensual pleasure(usually involving sex and/or alcohol) That film is full ofdebauchery; its definitely not appropriate for children.

An informal word forleavingorrunning away.  The neighborhood boysskedaddledafter breaking a window with a baseball.

Astatue of an animal or imaginary creature, often used in architecture to send rainwater away from the walls of the building.

Tolaughwith high-pitched, short sounds like a little girl.

Toget something by indirect (and maybe tricky) methods. Ericfinagledan extra day off from work by telling his boss it was an religious holiday even though hes not religious at all!

A negative term for describing facts, information, or beliefs that areridiculous or false. Some people believe its unlucky to break a mirror, but I think thats a bunch ofhogwash.

Dependent on chance, not well-organized or planned. Youll never be rich if you keep spending your moneyhaphazardly.

Informal word forvery small often used when talking with children. Look at theitty-bittyladybug!

Anargumentorfight, usually over something small. The companys president and vice-president aresquabblingover the color of the business new logo.

Tosuppressorinhibit: This new medicine cansquelchanxiety and boost your confidence.

A type of thickprotective glasses, to protect your eyes from danger. You can use goggles for swimming. Scientists also use goggles in the laboratory.

Somethingextraordinary(usually in a good way, but could be in a bad way as well):

Todraw informally, casually especially when youre preoccupied with something else. Idoodledin the margins of my notebook while the teacher was talking.

on whales and other marine animals although some people also use it to refer to human body fat (especially if the person has a lot of fat!) As a verb, blubber meansMy five-year-old son was blubbering for hours after I took away his video game.

Describes a person (or animal) witha lot of energy, who tends to cause problems or make messes. I dont know how Linda stays sane with fiverambunctiouskids under the age of ten.

Completely confused. The police werebefuddledby the complete lack of evidence at the crime scene.

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Decorated. The banquet hall wasfestoonedwith chains of red and white flowers.

Words that dont make any senseand you cant understand them. My one-year-old nephew can say a few words, but most of what comes out of his mouth isgibberish.

Very confused and disorganized I was sodiscombobulatedthis morning that I put my car keys in the refrigerator!

Todeceive. The entrepreneurshoodwinkedinvestors by presenting the company as being more profitable than it actually was.

Describes a person who isvery particular and specific in what they want, and doesnt accept things that arent exactly the way they want. My daughter is afinickyeater. She wont eat her dinner if two of the foods on the plate are touching each other.

AT-shaped tool used to remove waterfrom windows and floors:

Mischief, tricks, or problematic activities. Georgesshenanigans got him into trouble at school.

Aquantity of a liquid or soft substance The apple pie was served with adollopof ice cream on top.


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