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Advice for international student on how to improve oral English and get involved in American culture

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@FumbleFingers, Thanks for the advice.

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@AaronZeng Our chat room is /rooms/7227/english-language-learners.

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wanna at the end of a sentence

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(2) I had very strong intention to stay out of the Chinese social group, hoping to get involved more with American students and native speakers. But a lot of times, though I am with them, I dont know how to start good conversations. As a result, I feel I dont make use of the time and the opportunities well. And I feel less confident to hang out with American classmates, as I would feel embarrassed without knowing what to chat.

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(1) A lot of times I feel I have good ideas, thoughts, opinions in my mind. But once I speak out, I am not able to convey most of what I think efficiently. Because of that, I feel frustrated many times.

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Any opinions are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Thanks, @FumbleFinders. I did feel that way before I posted the question. But could you guide me which site on Stack Exchange that I can ask this question on?

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In terms of my personal case, are there any practical suggestions (tips) on how I can train my oral English well and get involved in American culture? Are there any plans on daily activities that I can do to achieve that goal?

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I am from China. This is my fourth-year in United States as a graduate student, but I still feel like I dont speak English well. The consequent results are:

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Not sure whether this is the right place to ask this question, but it has bothered me for so long, and has impacted my life from every aspect.

Why are research papers written in language thats difficult for undergraduate students?

If there is such a site, I dont know of it. Im not sure if you have enough rep yet to enter the ELL chat room, but that might be a suitable place to ask. If you cant get in yet, stick around and participate here for a while until you have more rep. Bear in mind that its unlikely theres any standard, universally recognised correct answer, so your question probably wouldnt be accepted on

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I know living in another culture is not easy, and learning the culture and mastering the language are hard. I shouldnt expect that I can do great without time and efforts. But I really wish I can speak good oral English, have great communication ability with English, and embrace the American culture as I can.

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