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Basic Mandarin Chinese – Speaking Listening Textbook

Basic Mandarin Chinese – Speaking & Listening Textbook

Basic Mandarin Chinese – Speaking & Listening Textbook

Special software allowing you to interact with the recordings.

Clear and detailed pronunciation, grammar and cultural explanations

Hours of video recordings filmed on location featuring dozens of native speakers in various parts of China and beyond

Exercises and activities based on real-life experiences in China

Basic Mandarin Chinese – Speaking & Listening Practice BookBasic Mandarin Chinese – Speaking & Listening Textbook

which provides a range of drills and exercises designed to dramatically enhance your spoken proficiency and improve your Chinese language skills. This book is a new edition of

Key features of this Chinese textbook and discs include:

Basic Mandarin ChineseSpeaking & Listening Practice Book

TheBasic Mandarin Chineseseries offers a complete introductory Chinese language course specifically designed for native English speakers. These books teach spoken and written Chinese separately, allowing you to focus on the area most important to you, and to learn the spoken and written forms of Chinese at different speeds depending on your available time and interest.

My First Book of Chinese Words (18)

Basic Mandarin Chinese – Reading & Writing Practice Book

Basic Mandarin Chinese – Reading & Writing Textbook

The free audio and video recordings included with this book reinforce the content and make the learning process easy. Whether youre learning Mandarin for work, travel or other reasonstheBasic Mandarin Chineseapproach of having two separate but integrated tracks helps you to learn the language more efficiently and more successfully.

received his Ph.D. in linguistics from Cornell and is currently the Stanfield Professor of Asian Studies at Williams College. Since joining Williams, he has chaired the Department of Chinese and held visiting professor posts at Middlebury, National Taiwan Normal University, Chinese University of Hong Kong and other universities. He has authored many books and articles on Chinese pedagogy and linguistics, and he served as a consultant for many Chinese language programs in the U.S. and abroad, including orientation programs for Chinese language teachers arriving in the U.S. He has chaired the SAT Chinese exam Test Development Committee and recently completed a two-year stint as Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Nanjing University Center for Chinese & American Studies in Nanjing, China.

This Mandarin textbook is designed to be used with its seperately available workbook,

Six hours of native-speaker audio recordings for all the books dialogues and exercises

Includes 2 Discs: a DVD with 40 videos and a CD with MP3 Audio; the book has 250 b&w illus & photos throughout


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