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Batsht Crazy! Digital Dementia Dystopia

BOOK ONE-The first book in this series …

Why? Because we are now living life sheathed in afeels a bit too tightDigital Dementia Dystopia where things look and feel like they always have … sorta, kinda, maybe. But, its all very much like that mirror on the passenger side of a car with light grey lettering at the bottom that no one pays much attention to (like so many other things). Those all-caps, rhyming words (if repeated enough times might even put you into a trance) sayobjects in mirror are closer than they appear. So, basically, you dont really know what you think you are seeing. And, that is exactly whats going on with so much that is surrounding and smothering all of us, to the point where we actually do gasp or gag (knowingly or unknowingly … maybe just mentally at a subconscious level, just enough so alarm bells start faintly sounding)!

People have already been killed by self-driving cars as well as the autopilot feature found in electric cars (we wont single out Tesla because there are many others, too). Could this all have started because someone couldnt parallel park?

But, what about the exhilaration of something new, different, fun, challenging, and, most importantly, something that would bask you in so much happiness that only a grinish smile could convey the significance of it all?

They have been observed and perceived by certain individuals, including me, over countless decades. It usually starts out as catching slight, sideways glimpses of them (mostly like shadows) out of the corner of your eye. After that, well, things can easily lead to life changing happenstances. But, Im getting ahead of myself here.

Most people cant or dont see them, for whatever reason(s). The ones who actually do see and interact with them, ah, well, the largest percentage of those individuals, over the last couple hundred years, have ended up in places for extended stays at a wide variety of institutions, to address what were somehow determined to be various, assorted, and miscellaneous mental maladies and conditions or spells.

Not only that, but our lives have become mentally sheathed in a feels a bit too tightDigital Dementia stretching across a Dystopian landscapeand ever-changing canvas from which there seems to be no escape, relief, or even the slightest hint of respite … that is, except for these words that are aimed atrectification by identification.

Look closer, much closer at what you think you see. Turn over rocks – LOTS of rocks (not real rocks, but, hopefully, theres enough logic still in play so youll know what I mean). Ask questions, questions you normally wouldnt ask … for whatever reason(s). Dont just accept things you are told or what you see for what they appear to be (because, in an incredible number of instances, they ARENT). Start observing more closely whats going on (or not going on) all around you. Maybe youve already noticed something aint right. A lot of something, actually. So, you can (or should) see everything is totally screwed up. At work. At home. Anywhere you go.

Its a year ago now, this very day, that we started this excursion. The mission is still the same. To look closer at so much of the ridiculousness and babble constantly bombarding us. It all sorta seems to make sense, but, when you stop and think about it, so much of it doesnt seem to add up. Especially the confusing clutter of social media mixed in with advertising everywhere you go. So many other things are constantly hitting us mentally every which way, too. Thats what makes it incredibly difficult to tell really whats what in a constant barrage of seemingly logical, but really and truly illogical, elements.

Im one of the people who actually saw them and now regularly interacts with them. Ive experienced no ill-effects from all of this. Actually, they have greatly enhanced my life, as I also have done for them. Though the impacts and effects of them with us or us with them, ah, well, therein lies the conundrum. You dont know how they will affect you until you actually make contact with them … especially when you start interacting with them, if they allow it.

You have 48 hours from now tobreak a rule… or two … or three.

Well get back to all of this in a bit. But, first we need to talk about what were doing here and how things are going to work …

NOTE:With these most current Communiqus, were now inBOOK TWOof lifting and boldly carrying forth a voice even louder, stronger, and ever further (farther) across a global Dystopian landscape. So, if you already know the ropes here, you can just zip down to the newestcommuniqu.For newcomers, you can just continue on reading. BOOK ONE and BOOK TWO are both available here to read online or in downloadable .pdf files.

Whats the worst thing that could happen, if you move beyond your comfort zone?

But, fables, stories, and real life all illuminate that we truly do need rules and laws. That takes us directly to the government, but thats not what this Communiqu is about.

This all took virtual reality, well, right into the reality that is all around us. And, all without any goofy, not-so-comfortable (especially for extended viewing) goggles or eye-contraptions. And, by doing what we were doing, there were no side-effects afterwards like what any virtual reality device has warning labels for.

And, Ill tell you why, my friend. YOU, along with me and everyone else, have succumbed to it all.Our technology connected worldwith hundreds of millions of virtual, intersecting grids seduce, persuade, coerce, and severely influence each of us, in crippling, debilitating, addictive strangleholds, with every glimpse, touch, or urge to check our connected devices.

For so long things have not been quite right, all while each of us constantly have inklings about so muchjust not adding up. Theres a certain something missing, but we cant quite put ourintellectual fingers(IF) on what it is. The excess amount of absurdity comes at us day and night from everywhere, insulting our intelligence. The real indignity is we have to play along with it all … you know, so people wont think were the ones who are actually Batsh*t Crazy!

How bout busting up some of your rules and laws?

For me, this all started at the beginning of the age, though it now continues in rapid fire fashion, of personal computers, the Internet, smartphones, and all of the rest of our techno-weenie world we continue to tread water in … as well as observe, on a daily basis, the effects of digital dementia and mental health disorders.

This is affecting all ages, especially those who are locked in with social media, texting, and gaming (on and off line).

But, never mind about that, getting back to self-driving vehicles, there is one single, overarching question.

They really arent a phenomenon, per se. Though they most certainly are. They look at us, too, as a singularity, of sorts, but thats a whole different story (that I will eventually get to).

This is aworded performanceabout howout of whackthings and people are. Not just another narrative. Instead, a mental engineering examination of the Batsh*t Crazy stuff all around us (whether or not we each realize it or the extent of it) that no one seems to be doing anything about .

They being what (well, actually who) are known asExtra Peoplewho want to keep low profiles.

I was working on a holographic project with a company in Redmond, Washington, that shall remain nameless for many reasons. Though it shouldnt be too hard to figure just what changed-the-world company Im talking about.

Knowing what I have to tell you will allow you to do what I and many others have somehow managed to do. And, that is experience the sensation of actually focusing on what you never or ever even could have possibly considered … or attempted to imagine that you could envision.


Oh, and get this … the power drain to run any part of this?

Anyway, the basis of what we were doing at the time was the beginning stages of no longer needing monitors for computers … no screens of any type required. The way we did that was complicated but relied on one single, simple, critical element to make holography all happen for practical uses … and, yes, for games, too.

43-Do we really need self-driving cars?

[Copyright 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz… 04VII2018 … 1,264 / 1264]

So just what is the nonsensical logic and, most likely, superstitions that lead us to bind ourselves in invisible constraints and self-imposed limitations?

They are not a paradox or absurdity either. But, I guess, in many ways you could, indeed, consider them to be either one … kinda, sorta, maybe.

Ill be the first to admit I have bent the rules and pushed things, as well as perpetrated some minor, law-breaking activities. Hey, weve allgone over the speed limitdriving. Also, in a lot of other ways, too.

Its when I looked at my reflection in a regular computer monitor that I also was working on while testing how the squiggly red lines worked to produce the holographic

Whats most important here is that the way these holographic images are projected or displayed all has to do with a thin, squiggly, undulating and pulsating red line shooting upward from the computing device. The red line then quickly expands outward to create panoramic, wrap-around viewing.

Copyright NOTICE/RULES/PERMISSION:Batsh*t Crazy! Digital Dementia Dystopiais a series ofcopyrightedCommuniqus that are broadcast in bursts, hot off the press as I write them (using my trusty word anvil). Thekey wordin that last sentence iscopyrightedwhich means I own em outright (everything you read here), every single word. Right now, here, this moment in time, you can read the Communiqus, following along in the play of words. You can freely share any or all of these Communiqus with anyone and everyone else in whatever manner you choose (so long as youquote me as the sourceAND areNOT profitingfrom using my words). Everything you read will bereal and truewith me striving, among the collected combinations of words, to produce as many as possible ofthat one true sentenceHemmingway so eloquently and passionately talked about.

Dateline:Dont, for a minute, even think they arent watching YOUR every move …

Go somewhere you havent been before.

Dont even think about it. Just do something … anything!

Of course, thats exactly the way they want things to be in relation to us because it is important that they keep a low profile. Otherwise, that could negatively impact what they are really doing here (that isnt hurting or impinging anyone, by the way).

Insecurity, uncertainly, dodging risk-taking, fear, and even things associated with self-worth (as well as habits, good and bad) all add up to those rules and laws we create for ourselves. Oh, yea, and the relative factor where the whining, complaining, badgering and haranguing by do-gooders (families we were born into and friends) play a MONSTER role in so much that you keep yourself from doing.

Our overuse of and addiction to digital technology has led to many people consumed and overwhelmed (many times without even realizing it) by an actual medical condition known asdigital dementia. web site explains it this way: Digital Dementia, a term coined by a top German neuroscientist Dr. Manfred Spitzer in his 2012 bookDemencia Digit@l, is a term used to describe how overuse of digital technology is resulting in thebreakdown of cognitive abilitiesin a way that is more commonly seen in people who have suffered head injuries or psychiatric illness.

Im here for good cause. Things are askew, off-center, and misguided. Youve sensed it. Maybe you missed it or just didnt care about it. But we all know something aint right somewhere. So we need to not just talk about it, but keep the conversation (and us) moving in a direction that takes us back to a point where things arent so Batsh*t Crazy … or we somehow, some way, know how to deal with it all better and more sanely (becausenone of the Batsh*t Craziness is going awayany time soon … or ever!).

… to continue our worded excursion in BOOK TWO of a units of language

[Copyright 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz… 04VII2018 … 470 / 1,734]

[Copyright 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz… 04VII2018 … 1,600 / 3,583]

The nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, fromGreek mythology, Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania, who are Goddesses and Muses of inspiration in literature, science, and the arts must be joined by our now oh, so familiarGoddess and Muse of Technology.

Thats why it is urgent I share these Communiqus with you … so we can all channel our unlimited (though used so infrequently) potential, boosting and amplifying our mental horsepower in laser-beam focused and with purpose positive directions, most specifically for increased instances ofIntellectual Stimulation(which is at the illusive, difficult to catch/grasp essence and pure substance of life – most significant to you and all that you want to do … its what you have been on a quest to find for so long now). An important factor here could be that maybe, just maybe, we all got off at the wrong planet! Not really, but, at so many points, it sure seems like that, doesnt it?

Well be right here, at any point you want to return, looking into things that all too often get accepted as normal that all beingjust the way things are now.

Just because you can do it, doesnt mean you should or could or would.

[Copyright 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz… 04VII2018 … 260 / 1,983]

All you have to do is just look at the faces of people peering into those shiny screens of computing devices, including smartphones (one of the biggest culprits in all of this). Those people, ignoring everything else, even to the point of obliviously bumping into things and people (even hurting themselves and others), all have monosyllabic, simpleton gazes and stares, with mouths slightly ajar. Their fidgeting fingers sync up with the rapid movement (and occasional blinking) of their dancing eyeballs. This also ties to the frenetic pace of those involved and completely absorbed in/with gaming where billions and billions of dollars are being spent (many would say wasted … moneywise and intellectually, too) in such mind-numbing pursuits.

This book-All Communiqus … so far …

Billions and billions of dollars are being spent on a wide variety of autonomous vehicles.

And, just as with electricity, if you dont think youre joined at the hip with technology, take a good hard look at what happens (or doesnt happen) when the power goes out or, for whatever reason(s), you dont have a signal or any access to the overarching, binding factor in all of this …the Internet!

Penned by Americas Premier Unknown Writer!

a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

What we had achieved in this project was remarkable, because for the first time ever, holograms could be created easily by tying together simple algorithms. The entire software configuration based on this algorithm came from ancient Mesopotamian symbols. Those details and that part of this story has to do with the disclosure of information and details Im not allowed to talk about because of a non-expiring Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) I signed many years ago. Actually, I probably shouldnt even be telling you this much … but I fully/fooly intend to do so!

They are constantly around all of us, without most people even knowing it.

… inscribed for Diana … celebrating life! Penned by Americas Premier Unknown Writer!

Yea, it would be great if everyone went by the golden rule and ethic of reciprocity. You know, where everyone would treat others the same way they wish to be treated.

First, you need to know that static electricity, sparks, and flames are keytransitional and evolutionary pointsin all of this.

[END OF TRANSMISSION]… inscribed for Diana … celebrating life! Penned by Americas Premier Unknown Writer!

For the most part, they seem to be invisible to so many people, though they really arent. They are right there (and here) in plain sight all around us. You just have to know how to adjust your perspective and visual acuity to look for and see them. Actually, youve probably seen many of them, but never really noticed what it was you were (or werent) seeing.

You need to know about this! The main reason is because there are probably Extra People around you at this very moment!!! That will make more sense in a little bit here.

I know that sounds like the opening line of a cheap, badly written paperback. But, this is really what happened one windy, chilly, rainy evening …

It was getting that red line to function properly that led to me first spotting one of the Extra People. While working on and testing this holographic device, I had noticed for quite some time, on the far edges of my peripheral vision, what I thought to be movements of some sort. I never was sure just what I thought I saw. Most of the time, I know what I was seeing were the shapes and sizes of people. Id then quickly look to where I thought I had seen something (or someone), but there was never anything there … or so I thought.

Words to phrases, paragraphs to pages

Communiqus- Now its just a matter of clicking any button or text you choose …

An odd, most unlikely, other-worldly beginning …

Would yousit back and relax, talking to someone or reading a book or casually closing your eyes, listening to Beethovens Fifth Symphony, all while you never even look at the road as the car youre in drives itself?

So, in effect, Im using what I see to be a mammoth problem totell the story, not only about our all-encompassing predicament, but how we can all start to dig out from this Alice in Wonderland, non-reality hole (that seems like, or actually has become, our reality) were all spinning, twirling, whirling, thrashing, and gyrating around in.

, by Bil. Alvernaz (thats me looking out at you, looking back at me, through these words). The buttons above will help you find your way … or jump right in and we can balance our way along this

But, hey, we all have to deal with stuff. That shouldnt stop us from what we otherwise would or could or should be doing. It all comes back to …

When you stand back and take an objective glimpse at so much of what all is surrounding and engulfing you, more and more the entirety of it all seems to be smothering, as well as verging on suffocating, you/us. Its all incredibly irrational, even vicious, and unbelievably, foolishly insane …Batsh*t Crazy. Thats the only way to describe it.

They need us as much as we need them …

You can click on theCommuniqusbutton up at the top of this page (and at other points) to go right to the Communiqus section. You can request to be put on theBatsh*t Crazy Email Dispatches. That way youll know whenever there is a new burst of Communiqus. Also, you can just click on any of the blue book cover icons to see and read all of what I have so far in the actual book (if thats what it really is or will be or could be or should be), complete with an index (though you wont need an index here as you can use CTRL F to find any word or phrase). Youll find a link to the book when you first come into this site, too, as well as in various and assorted other places.

What were all doing here (or there)

I know Im on to something that speaks to so much of what usually doesnt get talked about … that is until now … and, if youre still with me, I think you know exactly what Im talking about.

If you want to look for a specific topic or word/phrase, just use the web page search command which is usually a keyboard combo of the CTRL and F keys. All of the Communiqus are listed a little further on here, so you also have option to find what you are looking for.

This is where you can nod your head up and down as you turn the page, so to speak. Or, you can opt to stretch your lips across your teeth, without smiling, blink a few times, and then go about your business, whatever else that you might be or could be or should be or would be otherwise doing.

Its all about what you could very easily imagine in the real world, if you just stand back and take a much closer, more objective look at what is (and isnt) going on all around you. And, that means YOUR role participating in this cognitive world of ours beyond all digital things connected in a Batsh*t Crazy, Digital Dementia Dystopia that is wrapping its tentacles ever tighter around our intellect each day as so many of the moments of our lives unfold all around us even if we arent paying much, if any, attention to whats really going on in our peopled reality.


The concept of self-driving cars is like using voice commands when working with electronic devices like Apples Siri for the iPhones and Amazons Echo related products (there are a whole lot of them). Okay, so to interact with Echo, you start each sentence/command with Alexa … and then say/command what you want.

I need to bespake your patience, just a wee bit here (well, probably A LOT). This is sort of a complex simple concept (actually, it is more on the order of another level or sphere of REALITY) to grasp. Yet, there needs to be a certain amount of exactitude in telling you about it, so you can ever so slightly adjust your line of sight. Thats the only way for you to fully latch on to seeing what has been right there in front of you all along … including right this very minute.

… inscribed for Diana … celebrating life! Penned by Americas Premier Unknown Writer!

So, we now have this mental health disorder, along with digital dementia. Think about that, though overuse of digital technology (of which gaming is just one facet) is now associated with a head injury or psychiatric illness! And, we havent even touched on the cancer concerns ofnon-ionizing radiationfrom cell phones (along with other computing devices) emitting radio frequency energy (radio waves). There just might be more to that than youve thought (assuming youve ever even considered that you might be doing harm to yourself with certain digital things). If you want to read more about non-ionizing radiation (like what it might be doing when you have your cell phone propped next to your ear and BRAIN), just click the link below:

… inscribed for Diana … celebrating life! Penned by Americas Premier Unknown Writer!

All of what we have covered so far in our worded excursion (that beingBOOK ONE) … this now being the second book as we continue … is more relevant than ever. Sure, technology is a great thing, but it comes down to all-things digital being tools we can use to make things better (and more fun) in our lives. But, hey, we want to be very careful just how much we let technology overtake our lives. After all, the real world is still all around us.

You can read along if you like, provide input, ideas, suggestions, advice, point out typos, and, yes, even interpose encouragement (or wrath and scorn) – () … or you can just kill this page and be done with it, thus moving right back into the mix of all the Batsh*t Crazy stuff well be covering here. Whatever you choose to do at this point it perfectly fine.

And, that relates to simply answering this …

Try ordering a new dish (instead of the same old thing) next time you are at a restaurant. Or, fix something new and exotic at home!

They have always been right here … and there … everywhere.

performance, all without a net to catch us if we fall, though I know we wont.

With our holographic viewing awareness, what you projected upward from the device was what you could see from any angle, all crystal clear, with vivid 3D definition, far beyond even Blu-ray, 4K, 8K, and anything else. It was (and still is) far superior to any of todays screens. Only with our hologram viewing, you could project the size from small, roughly the size of most computer monitors, to gigantic, being much bigger than and far beyond any large-screen TV.

Its not about what you cant imagine any longer.

Its all completely up to you, because no one else decreed what you think you think or can to do.

Just as language binds us together in the civilized world, rules and laws provide the fabric of society with a framework of consciousness and consequences.

THATS WHATS WRONG. It isnt just things in the mirror not being what you think they are. Just about everything and everyone else in life is not quite what it all appears to be what it appears to be!

Youll be able to see the truth in all of this at any point you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the glaze of whatever screen youre peering into. Thats when it will be so easy to clearly see the seemingly organized chaos of how were all dancing around, inherky-jerky fashion like marionettes, with the marketeers (behind the scenes) tugging on our strings, making us feel involved (maybe even seeming to seem happy) while getting us to do whatever they want (especially digging into our wallets to extract as much cash as possible).

I wont be posting any of what Im doing here anywhere else. Thats because social media, emails, and texting, combined, are a monumental part of our collective, bewildering dilemma. Ah, but, therein lies mymarketeer weasel approachto promoting what Im doing here in what might seem to be a contradictory method that will, all too soon, make perfect sense (or so it would or could seem). Im encouraging people to share my Communiqus on any social media platform, in emails, and even texting. Not me.THEM. Theyre the ones so firmly entrenched in all of those places they worship so much … not me! So they canspread the wordfor me to help open peoples eyes to whats really going on (and NOT going on) …

Oh, yea, and, most importantly, all of this has to do with a) themeaning of it all… your mission in life, even if you dont yet know what it is or cant quite get to it; and 2) you need tostart paying more attentionto what is (and ISNT) going on all around you! Youve been stepping on (and in)the ectoplasm of so muchof what you have completely missed along the way. Thats because, instead of your brain just sitting there atop the entirety of your existence, you need to flip the switch controlling your mind from slightly off (where it is flickering like a motel sign continuing to dim, with certain letters ultimately failing to light up) to thecompletely full ONposition … so you can do much, much more toPAY ATTENTION!

WHO describes this mental health disorder as aGaming disorderthat is characterized by a clear pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior (digital gaming or video-gaming), which may be online (i.e., over the internet) or offline, manifested by: 1) impaired control over gaming (e.g., onset, frequency, intensity, duration, termination, context); 2) increasing priority given to gaming to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other life interests and daily activities; and 3) continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences. The behavior pattern is of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning. The pattern of gaming behavior may be continuous or episodic and recurrent. The gaming behavior and other features are normally evident over a period of at least 12 months in order for a diagnosis to be assigned, although the required duration may be shortened if all diagnostic requirements are met and symptoms are severe.

… The Beatles, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

… inscribed for Diana … celebrating life! Penned by Americas Premier Unknown Writer!

And, is the vehicle going to be held responsible for traffic infractions, accidents, and deaths?


They are here for a very specific reason and thats what makes all of this so important … for them and us.

Then there is the current upward-time-bomb-ticking trend of hateful nastiness, disrespect, and complete lack of courtesy and kindness. And, its a noticeably increasing percentage of people interacting obnoxiously with others. Harsh rudeness and bullying shows up over and over again in the news and all around us every single day. Like spoiled children with self-worth issues who constantly crave being the center of attention, there is an abundance of needy people screaming and yelling.

Oh, yea, there is the you might be embarrassed thing.

Generating static electricity had been the missing part of the equation we finally managed to harness so you could have vivid, 3D images pop up out of a computing device into thin air right in front of you (or even all around you). So, there was no longer any need for a screen or monitor. The most amazing part in all of this was that you could look at the image displayed in front of you straight-on, or from the side, or even from the other side, behind it. You could look at the images from any angle, including from a higher or lower vantage point. And, we even managed to get the holograms to wrap all the way around you, engulfing you an experience like nothing else!

Nothing, as in no electricity required. Thats where maximizing the imbalance of electric charges within or on the surface of anything quantifiable (static electricity) comes into play. Ill come back to all of this because it directly relates to the Extra People.


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