Chinese Conversation

It is much more convenient for me to take a bus to work now.

Chinese Conversation Breakfast; Come a Bit Early

More information aboutlearning to speak Chinese

SAT Chinese with Listening Test Prep

You can surf the Internet not only at home but also in the Internet cafe.

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Chinese Conversation Elective courses

It feels great to know how to order delicious Chinese food.

Climbing, reading, music, and dancing, which is your hobby?

Teach you how to invite a girl in Chinese.

Chinese Conversation When a Boy loves a Girl

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Learn Chinese through Movies and TV Programs

Learn Conversational Chinese with the help of eChineseLearnings highly trained and professional Chinese teachers! Our Chinese conversation lessons cover a wide range of topics and are designed for those who want to learn to communicate freely in day-to-day Chinese.Learn more about the serviceswe offer to see which course type suits you best.

The Stankovic Continental Champions Cup!

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Taxis are more convenient than busses. Do you know how to take a taxi in China?

Chinese Conversation Go to an Internet Cafe

Type in Chinese or English Characters.

You dont have to worry about getting lost, as long as you know how to ask directions.

Learn Chinese through Cartoons, Movies and TV Programs

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I would like to take Chinese as an elective course, what about you?

eChineseLearning offers plenty of Chinese conversation and speaking resources, which you can study, listen to, and save for later practice. Whats more, eChineseLearnings online Chinese Conversation lessons are proven to be convenient, effective, and efficient. Here are some of the Chinese Conversation lessons that we offer:

Chinese Conversation When a Boy Invites a Girl

The Story of Du Lala Getting Promoted

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Dont know how to start a small talk with a girl in Chinese? Try here.

Chinese Conversation Talk about Sports Games

Chinese Conversation Order Dishes

Chinese Conversation Where is My Girlfriend

Breakfast and come a bit early mean the same thing in Chinese? I dont believe it!

Chinese Conversation When a Boy Meets a Girl

Want to speak fluent Chinese in a bar?

Reading Lessons for Newspaper/Internet

Chinese Conversation Borrow a Book

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