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Chinese Reading Playground 10 Great Childrens Books in Chinese

Miss Pandas Reading Playground & Recommended Books

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Chinese Books for Children Book List Miss Pandas Reading Playground

5.Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You SeebyEric Carle6.Elmers DaybyDavid McKee7.Dear ZoobyRhodes Campbell8. The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round byAnnie Kubler9.Guess How Much I Love YoubySam McBratney10. Mei Lings Hiccups byDavid Mills

I read the book to them in Chinese, they paid incredible attention as I went through one page to the next.  Some repeated the words in Chinese eagerly and they listened as this was read to them in their first language.

Miss Panda Chinese Mandarin Chinese for Children

Reading familiar childrens book in Chinese is a good starting point when we introduce the target language to young children.  The first time that I pulled out The Very Hungry Caterpillar book (Chinese edition) in my kindergarten class the children  stared at the Chinese characters on the cover and then they fearlessly said: I have read this book!  I know this story! Are you going to read it to us?

Literacy skills like reading, singing, and playing games can transfer across languages.  Here are ten wonderful childrens books (Chinese edition) that you and your child can enjoy together during your story time.  You might have access to these books in your local library or you can obtain a Chinese edition copy from theonline bookstores.  Having the physical books around in your target language is very important for creating a target language text-rich home environment.  Click on the name of each author to purchase a copy of the book and support great literature in different langauges.

I have just started teaching Mandarin to Kindergarten age children and I have been trying to find books that are appropriated for them and have both English and Chinese. The books you listed are great. Do you know anywhere I can get them on the internet? Thanks.

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Chinese Reading Logs for Kids Miss Pandas Reading Playground

Happy Halloween A Trick-or-Treat Story

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.

2.Dont Let the Pigeon Drive the BusbyMo Willems

Can I please ask if the resources have been designed for specific age groups? are they categorised under topics? I adore every piece of it but I wonder if there is a quicker way for me to find the suitable one among them all, and I have to admit that I havent finished reading every one of them.

Chinese Story Time with Book Activities

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Chinese Easy Reader with Audio Support

I still remember the days when my son was only a few months old and I was reading The Good Night Moon (Chinese edition) to him.  He would be on my lap listening and then from time to time he would grab the book and chew on it.  What an adorable scene!   Yes, he was teething at the time!

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Many thanks for attention and hope to hear from you soon.

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As I am teaching children age from 4 to 11, I am grateful if you give me some tips on how to use your resources more effectively.

Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation Guide

Ni Hao Susan, I was very glad that you found the resource here helpful with your Chinese program. Welcome! The resource here is designed for young children especially from babies to elementary school. The multi-direction approach materials included here will help parents and teachers to engage young learners in various activities. You can use Miss Panda Chinese CD/MP3 albums as your lesson plan and add theme lessons with songs, printables, and stories to your program. Lets always keep learning fun! ~Miss Panda

Explore More Stories in Chinese Reading Playground

Chinese Reading Playground features 10 Great Childrens Books in Chinese.  You might have read many of these books to your child already.  Now, lets read it or listen to it in Chinese.  Children love stories.  Reading a fantastic way to engage children in target language learning.

The Zhuyin Phonetic System (chart below)

Chinese Reading Playground: 10 Great Childrens Books in Chinese

Recommended Materials for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Our reading ability, our ability to write in an acceptable writing style, our spelling ability, vocabulary knowledge, and our ability to handle complex syntax is the result of reading.

Chinese Reading Playground Summer Reading Program for Kids

Many of the books listed here are inmy Chinese Reading Playgroundon YouTube.  You can listen to the story and then review the words, talk about the pictures, characters, and the story with the book.  Adding craft projects to the reading can reinforce the learning and you can spread out the reading activities in consecutive days.

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Hello Chrissy, How exciting to know that you just started teaching Mandarin to Kindergarteners! They are so much fun to work with us and they are energetic with learning everything. If you click on the names of each author in this post it will take you to the online bookstores that have the titles available. Many books are available on Amazon. I will have a resource post coming up soon with the Chinese/English/Multilingual online bookstore resource. Thank you for visiting! ~Miss Panda

I am absolutely thrilled to find you and browse through your blog. There are so many useful and suitable resources that I can use to teach my children Mandarin in my prep school.

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Enjoy the stories and let me know what your childs current favorite book in Chinese (target language) or in English (community language if you live in an English-speaking country).


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