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Classic Campfire Childrens Songs Chords and lyrics to fun tunes for Kids

We have a 5 yr old and a 20 month old who love your music!!! Its actually music that we, as adults, can listen to and not go crazy when we hear it over and over again. Good Job!!! ~Pam

One Bottle of Pop: Chords and lyrics

Michael, Row the Boat Ashore: Chords and lyrics

You Are My Sunshine: Chords and lyrics

Im a Little Teapot: Chords and lyrics

Merrily We Roll Along: Chords and lyrics

Do Your Ears Hang Low?: Chords and lyrics

The Alphabet Song (The ABC Song): Chords and lyrics

Take Me Out To The Ball Game: Chords and lyrics

Puddly The Penguin is one of the sweetest books I have ever read! I cried twice while reading it to my seven-year-old son. He asked me if we could get more books like it. Thank you, Bryant Oden, for this heartfelt contribution!!!

Any Dream Will Do: Chords and lyrics

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt: Chords and lyrics

Here is a big collection of  fun and funny popular sing along classic childrens songs and old campfire and folk songs for kids, including the ukulele and guitar chords/tabs and lyrics.

The More We Get Together: Chords and lyrics

<: Funny Songs for Kids and everyone, by Bryant Oden

Five Green and Speckled Frogs: Chords and lyrics

Fun and Funny Old Classic Childrens Songs and Campfire Singalong Songs with simple easy ukulele and guitar chords for kids:

Polly Wolly Doodle: Chords and lyrics

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow: Chords and lyrics

Apples and Bananas: Chords and lyrics

A Bicycle Built For Two (Daisy, Daisy): Chords and lyrics

London Bridge is Falling Down: Chords and lyrics

Cockles And Mussels: Chords and lyrics

I sent your songs to my daughter who is a math teacher. She played the duck songs to her students. Now high school students are singing the duck song in the hall ways in Mississippi. LOL! ~Rhonda

Read rave reviews and check out the first 12 pages:Get it on

Down In The Valley: Chords and lyrics

We finally had our party yesterday and your CDs were a big hit. Amazing talent. It is so nice to have childrens songs that bear endless repetition!~Paul

Ive Been Working on the Railroad: Chords and lyrics

Shell Be Coming Round The Mountain: Chords and lyrics

Its A Long Way To Tipperary: Chords and lyrics

If Youre Happy and You Know It: Chords and lyrics

All Songdrops songs (C) Bryant Oden

Home on the Range: Chords and lyrics

Hes Got the Whole World in His Hands: Chords and lyrics

Five Little Ducks: Chords and lyrics

Ten Green Bottles: Chords and lyrics

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round: Chords and lyrics

Soothing, relaxing bedtime songs for kids and adults of all ages. Songs to help you fall asleep.

Sidewalks Of New York: Chords and lyrics

The Old Gray Mare: Chords and lyrics

Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport: Chords and lyrics

Pop Goes The Weasel: Chords and lyrics

Thanks for 0ver 700 million YouTube views of Songdrops songs!!!

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly: Chords and lyrics

This Little Light Of Mine: Chords and lyrics

None of these classic group sing along kid songs are Songdrops songs- they have been around a long time, and have been sung around the campfire, in school classrooms, at other groups and gatherings, and at cub scout, boyscout, and girl scout meetings for years.  Each song has easy ukulele/guitar chords/tabs and the words to the song.  A lot of these fun campfire songs have been around for well over a hundred years. Others are newer classic childrens songs. So, gather around a campfire, or a living room, and sing away! It doesnt matter if you think you have a great voice. Its the heart that comes through that counts! And, if you ever decide to, you can alwaysteach yourself to singbecause singing helps you release pent up emotions, and and can make you feel alive, open and happy!

Row Row Row Your Boat: Chords and lyrics

Show Me The Way To Go Home: Chords and lyrics

***Radio talk shows and TV news programs are welcome to play my songs in full or in part without specific permission from me. Local communities and organizations such as schools, churches, libraries, etc., are welcome to perform my songs without specific permission. Thanks! -Bryant. ***HOME PAGE

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot: Chords and lyrics

Sometimes I get asked if theres a way to contribute to the new songs fund. So Ive set up this Paypal Donate button for those who wish to help in that way. And thanks!

Guitar Chords/ Tabs and Lyrics to popular fun and funny sing along childrens songs

Puff, the Magic Dragon: Chords and lyrics

Its Raining, Its Pouring: Chords and lyrics

Five Little Monkeys: Chords and lyrics

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes: Chords and lyrics

Old MacDonald Had a Farm: Chords and lyrics

Id Like To Teach The World To Sing: Chords and lyrics

Baa Baa Black Sheep: Chords and lyrics

Ghost Chickens in the Sky: Chords and lyrics


Funny songs for kids Karaoke sing along songs and music videos, with words on screen, for kids and schools Funny Kids Songs Sweet relaxing childrens songs bedtime songs Funny Youtube Videos for Kids & classrooms Children songs lyrics chords & guitar tabs.

The Bear Went Over The Mountain: Chords and lyrics

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Chords and lyrics

The BFF Song is mine and my bestfriends actual bestfriend song!!! we sing it to each other daily, especially if we get upset with each other cause we can never stay mad. It reminds us why we love each other and are besties

TEACHERS can use Songdrops songs for school purposes, and can download 60 Funny Songdrops songs FREE.


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