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Owners often name dogs based on their personality. Although many outgrow it, puppies can be pretty crazy. If your dog is a little bit kooky, one of these names might be an ideal fit. The first step to finding the perfect title is to identify which type of crazy best associates with your dog. The options you will find here generally belong to one of three categorizations of the mentally strange. There is the silly airhead variety, the truly deranged, and the fearless bombarding type. Cool names for the airhead include Wacky, Cuckoo, Bonkers, and Batty. For a more serious level of crazy there is Psycho, Berserk, and Maniac. Puppies that tend to rush in without thinking might be a good fit for an extreme activity related identity. Skydive, Bungee, and Everest are just some of the many ideas fitting of a bucket list. Enjoy this collection designed for the puppy with a few screws loose.

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