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Crazy English Summer

When I think of you there in the dark, I see

And sometimes I still want your arms around me

Fields of chocolate and fields of grain

Crazy English Summer is a song by British singer and songwriter Zoe Johnston. the song was conducted by Zoe herself, after she appeared as a featured artist in Faithless song of the same name, as one of three contributions she made on their album Outrospective, which was released in 2001. The song became a single off of the album as a B-side towards Tarantula and became Zoes biggest contribution at the time.

Your sad eyes build holes in my heart

Well, sometimes I feel like Im glad to be free

The song appears incredibly stripped back with just the guitar and her vocals. As Zoe usually does in each of her contributions, she reflects on contrasting elements in a situation and in this song, in particular, she sings about being happy that she is leaving an old relationship in the past where it belongs but, at the same time, she misses it and reflects on the good moments that she had with this person and how she misses that side to what the relationship was. She also talks about finally coming to a place where she feels comfortable and where she can finally feel like she is out of a dark one, leave the past at the door and finally be at peace.

And sometimes I wish youd come back to me

I think of you there in the dark with me

Well, sometimes I feel like Im glad to be free

The sky is victorious but here comes the rain


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