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@Tim Speaking English is an activity. Spoken English is a kind of English.

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Do verbal English, oral English, and spoken English mean the same? For example, My … English is not good.

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Thanks! spoken English or speaking English?

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Lets see how common each of your three choices is. I searched theCorpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)for each term and wrote down how many results there were:

The most common terms for these concepts arespoken Englishandwritten English.

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to do it. But this is asking for trouble: verbal should be used to mean having to do with words or, in linguistics, having to do with verbs.

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is widely used to mean oral or spoken. I had a friend who worked for a large corporation where the rule was NVO – No Verbal Orders, meaning dont do anything unless youre told

Verbalis sometimes used to mean spoken rather than written, but its not always used that way, and in this context Im not sure itd be understood. (When I was younger, I took a standardized test with a verbal section. It tested my written English skills, not my spoken English skills!) Id avoid sayingverbal English.

I use them interchangeably, but I might be wrong. Thanks!

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Once upon a time there were oral examiners of English, only recently theyve been renamed speaking examiners!:)

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These results confirm my intuition, which tell me thatspoken Englishis the most common form, and thatoral Englishis still acceptable but is somewhat less common.

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I always avoid oral, because it can be used in sexual context. Does that make sense?

wanna at the end of a sentence

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