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Bite-sized lessons to learn when and how you want to. Made for those who have very little time to learn, Mimo brings bite-sized coding lessons straight to your smartphone or tablet. From the Explore tab on the main screen, you can choose what classes to take, from Programming to Cybersecurity, Swift, Ruby, and more. Each course comes with a free i.

A useful tool for teachers, students and parents. Remind: Free, Safe Messaging provides an efficient way for teachers and students to stay in touch. Send reminders, assignments, assessments or even positive motivational messages. Its useful for everyone, from teacher to student and parent. THE PROS A great way to keep parents, teachers, and stude.

Browse through the units and do the exercises. is an application based on the website with the same name, in which you can practise your English from a beginner level to an advanced intermediate level. In the main menu, you can choose to start a Course by tapping on Course Selection. Then, you can choose the level and start with the units.

An educational app filled with videos on a range of topics. Curiosity is an educational app that provides videos to help you get smarter on a range of topics. How does it work? Once youve installed the app, youl have access to the daily video. Once youve seen it, you can click to further explore the days topic, or you can swipe left to view pr.

A photo app which solves math problems automatically. Do you struggle with math problems? Do you wish you could solve them faster? PhotoMath is an incredibly helpful application for those who are too lazy to sit and solve simple math operations. The app is based on the following hypothesis: what if we could automatically solve math problems by poi.

A unique language learning tool.. Memrise Learn Languages is an intuitive language learning system that is designed to teach you a new language fast. It provides video and audio and expertly tracks your progress, knowing where you need extra work and where you are doing well. There are a lot of available languages, including Klingon! THE PROS Down.

A beautiful Bible for kids. Interactive Jesus, thats it! Bible for Kids is an application that tries to create an interactive application for kids so they become familiar with the stories from the Bible. The app presents beautiful animations and different chapters that follow the story of the creation from the very beginning. You just need to enjo.

Rosetta Stone brings experience and a trusted brand to learn your desired lanuage. You choose how you want to learn with your very own personal tutor. Thats the premise behind Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone, available on both iOS and Android platforms. Just download the app and choose which of the available 19 languages youre going to learn. The.

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A wonderful guide for exploring the world of stars. Update: This new version has improved its usability, graphics and added new sound effects. Star Walk is an amazing and original application appropriate for all ages. The app consists of a highly interactive astronomy guide for fans of astronomy and those interested in learning more about what surr.

Improve your singing voice with daily singing training exercises. With Vanido, its time to learn how to sing and improve your ear at the same time. To get started, simply speak your high and low pitches into your devices microphone. Youll see how high and deep you can sing. Vanido will then provide with daily singing and listening exercises des.

This is the official Android app of the well-known language learning web platform. Duolingo is quite popular on the web. For a long time, thousands (millions?) of users have followed its method to improve their language skills. Now, the service is also available from mobile devices which is aimed to make even easier a daily routine for language lea.

An excellent brain training app. Lumosity is a well-design, full-featured and challenging brain-training app. Hands down, one of the best apps within the genre. Maybe you want to stop forgetting peoples name so easily or want to learn new subjects quickly, or even want to keep track of multiple ideas. Any of those skills require a strong brain. An.

Hexologic has everything that is needed to be considered a puzzle game: theres something broken on your screen and you must tap everything until you can fix it. Thus, its a game (of course it is) but is also a kind of mental trainer. I mean

Save paper and learn fast with Flashcards+: the ultimate memory improver. Easy to pick up and quick to master, Flashcards+ is revision heaven. Create new decks and study your creations with ease. You will need a Chegg account to add pictures and sync to the Cloud, but at least its free. Preparing for an exam with friends? Share packs and collabor.

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While sometimes good, Socratics functionality is too often a hit or miss. When getting your homework done, sometimes, a little help goes a long way. In Socratic, to get started, simply take a photo of the exercise you need help in. Designed for the Android and iOS, once youve cropped down your shot to highlight your problem, Socratic will automa.

Google Classroom brings educative tools for teachers and students alike. Finding an app that helps you stay organized in the classroom, whether youre a student looking to stay on top of your assignments, or a teacher organizing his or her assignments or even remaining in contact with your students can be an arduous task. Thats where Google Class.

And addictive brain training app which pits you against others. Elevate delivers one training session a day (for free) to help you improve your processing skills, your ability to focus and your capacity to synthesize when writing. Set your preferences and Elevate will create a personalized training program for you. The games are quite addictive. We.

A wonderful collection of mind games. Peak – Brain Training works perfectly for those bright minds who want to train their skills and improve their knowledge in various areas like memory, problem solving, language and focus. Play these challenging games in order to achieve all those objectives and keep your brain awake at all times. Choose the skil.

Quizlet lets you study no matter where you are.. This study app makes studying easy and fun. You can use the computer to input your data (which is much easier than using the app and typing everything out on your phone) and then study from your phone. Its great for vocab and flashcards and the app can keep score to let you know how well you did. Y.

Let your kids play with the app and discover the alphabet and new words and sounds. Endless Alphabet is an educational application for kids, focused on vocabulary and reading improvement. The app consists of a visual alphabet where you need to select each letter and explore the world inside it. For each letter, there are many words represented with.

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Unlike with school, you can learn at your own pace.. Learning a language can be difficult, but with Drops, you dont have to struggle that much. Drops uses the intuitive nature of learning language and helps you remember words and phrases that you will actually use. THE PROS The way the material is presented in this app will make sense to you and.

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Education can be free, open, online and now… mobile!. Up for a course? Education isnt anymore for the young. No matter if you are a professional, a housekeeper or an athlete. No matter your age or background. Only your eagerness for learning counts now that education is more open and accessible than ever. Dont believe it? Check out Coursera. Co.

A new way of teaching and offering positive feedback. ClassDojo is a new and interactive way of conducting classes and rewarding students for their efforts. This is a management tool that encourages positive feedback and makes school more fun and definitely interesting. How does it work? Sign in as a teacher, create your virtual class, enter the n.

Join on-demand online courses and enjoy learning on-the-go. Udemy is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform with a catalog of 9000 courses and over 1 million students. One of those revolutionary services which aim to change the way people learn. Are you ready to join that revolution? Udemy app lets you browser and discover courses from its h.

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Customize your clients hair and accessorize them. Toca Hair Salon 2 is a fashionable application for those who love playing with hairstyles and feeling like a professional hairdresser. This app is especially addresses for kids and it allows them to manage their own hair salon and attend all the customers that they choose. The process is really eas.

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