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Xintao: Yes. For example, if we ask you to stand upside down, you do that. If we ask you to be wet in the rain, you do that. If you are asked to run naked, you have to do that.

X: I heard that you are ill. We are calling to ask you how you feel now. You should lie down in the bed and get some rest. Then you will recover faster.

X: I dont want to mess up with you. Aunt, you should listen to me and have more rest. Whats more, you should avoid spicy and oily food, or you will get into trouble of dehydration.

Yangyang: Three insurances are endowment insurancemedical insuranceand unemployment insurance while the one fund is housing provident fund, which is a tax of social guarantee.

Xintao: If you had inherited your mothers DNA, you would be the most beautiful girl in our class.

Y: Come on, aunt. Dont listen to him. You should get some exercise instead, which will accelerate the recovery. Lying in the bed all day long wont be good to your health.

Y: And me, your most adorable Yangyang. I am talking to you from the extension in the kitchen.

Yangyang: Look at your payroll and there are all items that are deducted. Apart from the individual income tax, three insurances and one fund, there isnt much left.

Xintao: To put it simple, you would be asked to be bullied by others. Our purpose is to see if you can push your limits and if you are suitable for our club though setbacks and difficulties.

Yangyang: Its not the decision that he made. Supervisors in other departments said they cannot stand him anymore.

X: Dont talk nonsense if you know nothing about the recovery. Have you ever heard the old saying as feed a cold, starve a fever?

Xintao: Finally Ive got my salary. Ive been waiting for my first-month salary and now I got it. I intend to have a substantial meal on the weekend. Hum!


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