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EFLESL Lessons and Lesson Plans

This is a page on which teachers can share games and activities that they have found useful in the classroom.

Jigsaw Reading Activity Using TV Listings

By Philip Dave Ambard and Linda Katherine Ambard

Jokes which work well in the ESL classroom. Find a good joke or add one to the list.

An Activity for Teaching ESL/EFL Students to Make Quick Replies

See themain pagefor this months lessons plans.

Some of the articles onTeaching Techniquesalso include ideas for lessons.

Tips and Ideas for the First Day of Classes

Checking into a Hotel in a Video-based Lesson

An Activity for Teaching Intonation Awareness to ESL/EFL Students

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Narrating in Simple Past with Video

Musical Activities for Young Learners of EFL

Listening to Airplane Announcements in Movies

A list of questions that you can use for conversation practice.

Using Games in Teaching English to Young Learners

Using Critical Incidents to Teach Cross-cultural Sensitivity

Find one to use or add one to the list.

Reaching English Language Learners through Cooperative Learning

Possible Dangers Associated With Becoming a Millionaire Overnight

Using Games in Teaching English to Young Learners

An activity aimed at constructing solid bottom-up skills while developing student self-reliance and confidence.

An oral presentation assignment for second or third-year university speaking classes of 20 – 40 students.

Activities for the ESL Classroom using the numerous compound words in English that end in man.

Nationalities and Their Stereotypes

Video in the Language Lab: Teaching Vocabulary

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