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Why is there a pattern to the last digits of square numbers?

This TV series isa bunch of crap. I dont want to watch it!

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Are commercial communications satellites in GEO being constantly monitored by telescopes?

Dementia: How to cut off useless advice to a caregiver from well meaning people?

If you are strictly looking for countable (or singular) nouns, some similar words arejoke,farce,flop, anddrag.

Have more Americans been killed in schools than in military service this year?

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How does the ( cmd ) pattern work in bash?

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Despite there being a number of different words forgarbage, likerubbish,trashand so on there are very few countable noun versions. As Cookie Monster has already mentioned, you can use collective nouns to quantify those nouns.

I wonder if there are countable nouns that can be used to describe the same meaning with crap/garbage. Preferably in oral English?

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Why dont classical stringed instruments mark their note positions?

With regards to your specific example, a word likedud,bomborbustcould be used. While its definition is slightly different, its often used in a similar context.

How can I tell how many damage dice to roll for an NPCs cantrip?

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Reduce and FullSimplify are being lazy

How can I decline someones business card with tact?

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[ C ] a ridiculous situation or event, or something considered a waste of time:

[ U ] infml someone or something that is unpleasant and boring:

GPA rounding 2.498 to 2.5. How ethical is this?

As for countable words, its very difficult to fill in that black, to be perfectly honest. If you really do want to use a different construction there, then you need to get familiar with idioms expressing the idea of something being of inferior quality. One possible idiom that comes to my mind that would possibly work in your particular context would probably bethe pits:

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Why are there only four fundamental interactions of nature?

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Went home sick (jetlag from holiday) first day of work. How can I limit the damage?

Coworkers showing up late to start their shift force me to stay longer

This TV seriessucks, man. I dont want to watch it!

Did medieval scholars believe the Earth was round?

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This TV series isthe pits. I dont want to watch it!

This TV series is a/an _______, I dont want to watch it!

You can always quantify noncountable nouns using a counter word.

Pay off car debt, or start (value) investing?

Though, there are still a lot of simpler ways to say it:

The playing conditions on the muddy field were a joke.

What word means the top of a persons head?

[ U ] infml something considered to be so bad or worthless that it is ridiculous:

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And thats basically how its typically done in English. There are literally dozens of counter words to choose from: a pile of crap, a piece of shit et cetera. Take your pick.

This TV series isa crock of shit. I dont want to watch it!

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