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How do I pronounce new words correctly?

How to Pronounce Heather

VIDEO BLOG This is one word I know pretty well, and it is one of the most common pronunciations people ask me about. How ironic that a speech specialist has one of the hardest names in the world to pronounce! The th sound is tough for just about all non-native speakers, and the final r can also cause problems for some. And why is the ea pronounced as a short e and not a long one like heat? Yes, I know its challenging, but heres a short video telling you a little bit more about my name, Heather, and how to say it. I actually forgot to mention the funniest story about my name in the video. My husband and I took a short tripRead More

This is probably the most common question Im asked by my clients, and one of the hardest to answer. Its a frustrating problem for learners because even if you learn how to articulate every English sound correctly, you still wont necessarily pronounce an entire word correctly on the first try. You need to know which letters make which sounds, and unfortunately in English, certain combinations of letters can make a number of different sounds. My answer to this question used to be to look it up. In other words, go to an online dictionary like and press the little speaker icon to hear the word pronounced. I grew up with my mom saying this to me, and I think this answer bugged my clientsRead More

3 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Speaking English

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Quick Easy Pronunciation Practice Ideas!

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2. Stress on the second syllable: kuh-LEN-der

VIDEO: How to pronounce CALENDAR 60sec. Pronunciation Quick Fix

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[VIDEO] Watch this video as I share some great ways that you can easily integrate pronunciation practice into your daily routines! You can be speaking clearly and confidently much faster than you think!

I dont have an accent. Do you?

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1. Stress on the two first syllables: KAL-EN-der

VIDEO BLOG! How do you say the word interesting? Youve probably heard several different pronunciations of this word. Watch this video as I explain the many different acceptable pronunciations of the word INTERESTING. Its a quite interesting video! Check it out!

There are two pronunciations that I often hear which arent as clear as they could be.

How to Pronounce REFRIGERATOR

[VIDEO]: Have you wanted to know how to pronounce the words in The Chaos by Gerard Nost Trenit? Here I try to tackle this crazy, chaotic poem.

You might have noticed a few new videos popping up on this site! I have officially joined the video revolution, and will be creating TONS of videos for you.

3 syllables, word stress on the first syllable KAL

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VIDEO BLOG! Todays word, refrigerator, is a special request from Bollette Joergensen in Denmark, and let me tell you, Bollette, you are definitely not the first person to ask me about this word. I think people just get intimidated by this word because its so long. Lets take a closer look at refrigerator.

Pronunciation Challenge: The Chaos by Gerard Nost Trenit

Whats with all these new videos?January 31, 2012ByHeather HansenLeave a Comment

The main reason Im doing this is because YOU asked for it! I have had so many emails saying Heather, we love the audio course, but we want to SEE you! Its great to listen, but we want to watch your mouth move and see you in action!

How to Pronounce REFRIGERATOR

We should really try to put all our emphasis on the first syllable KAL. KAL-uhn-der.

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So here I am. I hope that these videos will be really helpful for you.

Let me know in the comments how YOU normally say interesting.

How to Pronounce INTERESTING

Growing up in California, I didnt give much thought to the way that I spoke. I sounded the same as everyone else. I sounded just like my parents, teachers and friends. Sure, Id sometimes hear accents on TV, but I didnt have a lot of contact with people who sounded much different than me. It wasnt until I became a teenager that I began to really notice differences in how people speak. I went to the national speech & debate tournament in Minnesota, and it was quite a wake-up call. I couldnt believe how many kids from other parts of the United States had accents! There were our hosts the Minnesotans, the Texans, the New Yorkers, and my very favorite, that kid from Boston whoRead More

VIDEO BLOG! Do you fear speaking English? Do you feel like people dont really know you when you speak English? Do you stay quiet because you want to avoid the embarrassment of making mistakes? Youre not alone. In this video Ill share three tips with you to overcome your fear of speaking English. These are the tips that I personally have used to overcome my own fears when Ive been speaking foreign languages.

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