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10 Most Amazing Coffee Shops in the World

It may seem contradictory to compile a list of non-deadly weapons that could actually kill you. After all, if a weapon is non-deadly then this shouldnt be possible. The problem is that some weapons can cause i

Over the course of the Roman empire, there were many Emperors that we remember. Caligula and Nero among others may steal the limelight with their debauched behaviour but Julius Caesar deserves a mention. Caesar

When Gary McKinnon hacked into the NASA secret databases in 2002, what he found astounded the world. Among the many secret documents that NASA had hidden away from public view were tales of pictures with UFOs

10 Most Innovative Gadgets For Home Automation

There is nothing better than finding that one special person and building a long-lasting relationship with them. For some people, they are lucky enough to bump into that someone easily and make that special con

10 Most Creative Packaging Design Part II

We now live in a time where medicine has advanced to a level where we are lucky. Not only can more diseases than ever be treated now but all in the safest, most ethical way. Sadly, this has not always been the

10 Most Colorful Cities In The World

10 Most Obscure Facts About Julius Caesar

10 Most Popular Apple Products In History

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10 Most Dangerous Medical Treatments From History

10 Most Unusual Facts About Harrison Ford

Anyone who has read The Da Vinci Code or seen the movie will know about eerie Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. This small village chapel was once a little-known backwater but has recently found fame through this nov

There is an old saying that goes You cant hurry love. For some people though, the wait can go on for such a long time that they need to help love out with some action. Where before you would have needed to h

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When it comes to the most important figures to have ever lived, Gandhi is up there with the best. He was so famous that they even made a film about his life! Born in India, he is regarded by many Indians as the

10 Most Craziest Rosslyn Chapel Conspiracy Theories

10 Most Important Travel Gadgets for Geeks

When it comes to staying safe, then we all know about the big things. Avoiding serial killers, staying away from wild animals and not jumping off tall buildings are just plain common sense. However, it might su

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10 Most Awesome Chinese Martial Arts

10 Most Disturbing Secret Space Programs

One of the biggest movie stars of the last 40 years is Harrison Ford. When you think of the films he has starred in, it is no surprise why. From lightspeed action in Star Wars as Han Solo to Indiana Jones adve

10 Most Creative Kitchen Gadgets to Make Your Everyday Life Easier


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