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Faithless Crazy English Summer lyrics video listen online – Listen Download Music Online

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Sometimes I feel like im fine on my own,

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Sometimes I still want your arms around me

The sky is victorious but here comes the rain

Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle Orchestra – My Old Flame

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Sometimes Im glad to have left you behind,

Most listeners came from United States. This songs text is medium. Its interesting that the artist performing this song has a lot of albums. This song has just 3 mirrors; you can assist the project stating mirrors on YouTube. This song is longer than the most songs. This song is included into 1 albums, namely: Outrospective. These albums failed to become popular thought they were released over 17 years ago. Song mirrors tip: You can easily change bad mirror by means of the button at the bottom of the page or to decrease its rating on the song page.

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Sometimes I feel like Im glad to be free,

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The Crazy English Summer has put you back on my mind.

Fields of fire that passed the train

Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle Orchestra – You Took Advantage of Me

I think that Im changing but Im just the same

Summer returns and puts you back on my mind

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Sometimes Im weak and the past is my guide,


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