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Fluent in 3 months – Language Hacking and Travel Tips

Bennys Top Resources for Learning Chinese

immerses you in a world of compelling Chinese content with 1000s of hours of Chinese podcasts, audiobooks, interviews, courses and more. Then anytime you come across a word you dont know, you can save it for review using LingQs SRS learning tools.

ChineseClass101is my favourite Chinese course, especially for developing my listening skills. Its also a top pick among the Fluent in 3 Months team.

Unconventional language hacking tips from Benny the Irish polyglot; travelling the world to learn languages to fluency and beyond!

is very simply the best dictionary for sample sentences in Chinese.

TheAdd1Challengeis a big hit with Chinese learners. At the end of the 90 day challenge, youll be ready to have a 15 minute conversation in Chinese with a native speaker.

,John Fotheringhams guide for Mandarin learners, is a gem that cuts through the piles of Chinese-learning resources on the Internet, and tells you straight which you need and how to use them. If youve wished for just one place to go for all the best info on learning Chinese Mandarin, this is it.

answers the question: whats the next step after Duolingo? Clozemaster helps you rapidly expand your vocabulary by learning Chinese in context. Youll use the Cloze method to fill in the missing word for thousands of sentences in Chinese. The sentences youll learn are much more relevant to the real world than those youll learn on Duolingo.

Have your first conversation in Chinese in just seven days. This is one of my most popular courses, and with good reason, because youll get results fast.

WithChineseClass101, you start by selecting your level, and the audio course adjusts to you, getting gradually more complex as you progress. It goes right from absolute beginner to intermediate and advanced levels.

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Im a firm believer that the best way to learn Chinese is to invest in your language learning that could be travelling to a Chinese speaking country to get full immersion, spending quality time studying Chinese, and picking up a world class Chinese course.

Here are my favourite Chinese courses and resources:

is all about learning Chinese as it is actually spoken in the real world not as youd learn it from a textbook. Shannon Kennedy recently reviewed Yoyo Chinese for us she rated it 5/5 and said Yoyo Chinese is perfect for those who want to work at their own pace. Its incredibly thorough in scope and I just love the way the material is broken down.

uses audio repetition training with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make sure youre learning Chinese at the pace that feels right for you. I especially like Glossikas focus on listening and speaking. You get to watch your fluency progress live with each audio rep.

The best way to learn a language is to speak from day one. Thats why I love italki because it means you can find an affordable Chinese tutor for on-to-one lessons, and start speaking right away.

You cansign up for aChineseClass101account here.

lets you find out how any Chinese word is pronounced. Just type the word youre looking for into the Forvo search bar in Chinese, and youll hear it spoken by a native speaker.

Follow this linkto get on the Add1Challenge waiting list.

is my favourite Chinese course and it covers all levels from absolute beginner to intermediate and advanced Chinese.

Fluent in 3 months – Language Hacking and Travel Tips


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is a must-have mobile dictionary. It uses optical character recognition (OCR) to read and translate any Chinese text you scan with your phone. Essential if youre visiting or living in China.

With theAdd1Challengeyoull learn a new language to conversational level in 3 months and its very popular with Chinese learners. At the end of the challenge, youll be ready to have a 15 minute conversation in Chinese with a native speaker.

is the most comprehensive online Chinese news site for Chinese learners. Each news story on the site is graded by ability, and over 1,600 new lessons are added every year.


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