Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (English Subtitled

Perhaps I was expecting too much from this film as I am 1) a huge Jet Li fan and 2) a huge Dragon Inn fan. I didnt watch this film in 3D and perhaps if I had seen it in 3D it would have been better. It seems like that is where they placed a lot of their focus. That being said, the CGI in this film needs a lot of help…I find that a lot of Chinese movies are introducing more CGI but they are still a little behind the times. I found the CGI quite distracting throughout the movie. Im okay with wire-fu, but with the help needed CGI, it just made the wire-fu seem off.

Nansun Shi Yu DongTsui HarkHan XiaoliShi DongmingYang WenhongJames ZhaoZhu GuofanZhang HaoZhao HaichengSu XiaoYu DongHan SanpingLi RuigangChen DanianJeffrey ChanDing YilanPeng MingyuLiu Yong

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On a different note, I have a bone to pick with . Bought this Bluray from m, not a 3rd party seller, mind you. has dropped its price since initial purchase, but they wont refund me the difference because they only have a 7-day price match policy. Makes absolutely no sense to me. Im still within the 30-day return period, so actually I can send the disc back and re-order it at a lower price. really dropped the ball on this one. Theyre collecting taxes now and only have a 7-day price match when most brick and mortar stores in my area (and probably every where else) have a 30-day price guarantee. Extremely disappointed with them. Probably never buy from them again. Theyre collecting taxes and have a shorter price guarantee. Theres no advantage to buying from any more. Actually its riskier now because of the shorter price match policy.

All in all, I would watch this again. I realize that this is an achievement as the Chinese first in 3D films, hopefully I can actually see it in 3D someday to round out my review.

The 3D is real good. The story line is interesting but it plays …

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Great 3D, convoluted/confusing plotForget the plot in this movie. I got this video mainly for its 3D effects. Most 3D videos are simply 2D to 3D convertibles and so are not much better than the 2D original. Its just another way for the studios to gouge the consumers by charging extra for them. This one is different and is comparable to Avatar. If you like 3D effects and action stuff, get this movie. Forget the plot. Extremely convoluted and confusing.

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On to the good parts. I like what they did with the story, a different take on the Dragon Inn with Donnie Yen, Maggie Cheung, Michelle Yeoh, etc. The plot played out pretty good, the Eunuchs seemed particularly nefarious, the anti-hero proprietress was played very well, the barbarian gang wasnt as good as I would have liked, but they did OK.

this was the best 3D movie I have seen, the easiest to watch and great effects. Some/most of the time I have to struggle to get the 3D depth to focus, never had to once for this movie…If you love this genre, youll really love this movie.

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The advertisement of this being a 3-D movieI cant comment because I havent the equipment to watch it. There were only a few scenes that seemed hackneyed/ wedged in to give a 3-D effect (you can bet theres some swords and other bladed weapons that will be headed for your face). Li has been credited as saying that this would be the first wuxia film to be lensed in 3-D. It was also apparently nominated for several Asian Film Awards (think thats the equivalency to the Academy Awards) including Best Pic. I guess its cool that a genre movie like this can be nominated as one of the best movies given that American cinema cant seem to manage that feat! 3.5 stars from me.

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3D great, Good traveling camera to establish scenes.Great 3D. The English dubbing is throw back to another time, however much of the dubbed dialogue is done when the actors are either looking down or are off camera so it is not too distracting. But. Hey. This is chop socky, Flying Swords movie. Do you REALLY want synced up dialogue. These guys know their 3D

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International action star Jet Li leads an incredible cast in a gripping story of power, pleasure and revenge. Vigilante general Zhao (Li) is determined to restore order to the royal throne by tracking down corrupt officials, including Yu, an incredibly determined eunuch.

If you love this genre, youll really love this movie.

This is an all flying Kung Fu slugfest.

One of the best 3D titles available. Both subtitled and dubbed editions are included. Both have drawbacks. Reading the subtitles is sometimes a challenge with the visual, but the subtitled edition is flat and basic. Recommendation: watch once with the dubbing, then enjoy the better subtitled version knowing enough about the plot. Opening shot over the harbor is amazing, and a good idea of what is to come. If you are looking for a new disc to show off your 3D, this is an excellent choice. On a par with Life of Pi and Hugo.

It is entertaining and funny at times.

Unless youre looking for a fight, best to avoid the Dragon Gate Inn.Directed by Tsui Hark. Thats all some people need to know. But Flying Swords of Dragon Gate isnt some crazy cacophony of sound and fury signifying who knows what; its a more typical martial arts hero versus the bad guys film. Sure its tough to follow at times with many characters literally running around and running afoul of each other, especially as three or four groups get mixed up at Dragon Gate Inn. But this film is all about the crazy martial fighters being, well, crazy martial fighters. Who is challenging whom and why and how that flip flops all over the place is in part an excuse to let the combatants fight and in part a convolution to keep the audience guessing about whose side some of the combatants are really on. For non-English audiences, thats going to be a big trick. Jet Li is one of the stars of the pic but the narrative focus is so broken up over so many that he, just like so many others, turns into being just one of many co-stars. Ive never found the Hark pictures that Ive seen to be incredible martial arts movies with keen focus on the hand-to-hand fighting elements that I like so much and this movie is no exception. Plenty of fighting, plenty of clever and inventive and even fun fighting, but not anything that made me marvel or go oh, wow.

People are flying all over the the place as if they were SuperMan, Superwoman. The 3D is real good. The story line is interesting but it plays in the background to daggers and swords flying through the air.

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