Free Lyrics and Sheet Music for Popular Songs

Free Lyrics and Sheet Music for Popular Songs

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One of the biggest hurdles to finding useful (and free) sheet music is copyright. Unless the publisher has given permission to reprint the sheet music then publishing a copy of such a song is illegal in the United States and most other countries. Only music that has an expired copyright (also known as public domain music) is available for use free of charge.

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A few other web sites also offer legitimate, free sheet music. Most notable among these isthe Mutopia Project, an effort to catalog and distribute notable, public domain sheet music by major composers. The Mutopia database is quite large and growing rapidly. Much of the music at Mutopia is classical literature written for the original instruments.

One of the biggest issues regarding finding useful free sheet music is that the lyics to most of the songs are not found along with the sheet music files on the same site. Fortunately there are several places that you can find both free lyrics and sheet music in the same place for your favorite songs. MusicEdMagic is one of those places.

All of the sheet music on MusicEdMagic and the Mutopia site can be read using theAdobe Acrobat Reader. MusicEdMagics files can also be readand editedusing theSibelius Music Notation Softwareprogram.

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Here is a partial listing of all of the free lyrics and sheet music that we have available here at . Please note that all sheet music is available in PDF format for all common concert band instruments including the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, and percussion. Many of the pieces also have voice parts which include the lyrics on the sheet music itself.

Hundreds of people visit this site each day looking for the many free sheet music files that we provide, but few bother to read the entire article and realize that we also provide access to free lyrics AND sheet music for every song in our sheet music database (if the song has lyrics).

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