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Free online lessons to learn Mandarin Chinese

All Chinese lessons start from the most basic elements of Chinese – the initials, finals and tones in pinyin which compose its phonetic system. If you are new to Chinese language, you should spend more time to practice Pinyin. Pinyin is one of the most important tasks in learning Chinese language. Pinyin is the system which Mandarin Chinese speakers use to express in written form the sounds of Chinese characters.

The free online Mandarin Chinese lesson is to give a glimpse of some basic pronunciation to total novices who are interested in learning Mandarin Chinese. By completing all 32 lessons provided here you should be able to manage basic pronunciation of most of the Chinese characters covered, learn some vocabularies and acquire certain simple Chinese sentence structure.

The main purpose of Pinyin in Chinese language is to teach Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. Pinyin is also a useful tool to learn for getting around China. Local people view Chinese characters as the true Chinese written language, but pinyin can be seen on maps and various signs.

Lesson 18 – What do you do for a living?

Lesson 29 – Buying a Transportation Ticket

Lesson 14 – Good Morning, Evening and Night

Lesson 20 – Transport, Asking for Directions

Lesson 2 – Pronunciation of Initials

The online Mandarin Chinese lessons we provided certainly not assisting you to be an advanced Chinese speaker. It is recommended that you learn from formal Chinese language training schools such as Chinese language programs provided by universities in China if you want to further study in Chinese speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. In order to be fluent in Mandarin Chinese, average foreign students spend two years (four semesters) in full-time Chinese language program.


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