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Fun Easy English

Test your English language skills and take tests in grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and pronunciation.

America is the most visited country in the world and American English is the English most international students choose to learn.

Thank you very much for choosing Fun Easy English for your English language studies.

The graduate education system explained: masters degrees, doctoral degrees and why a degree from the United States matters.

– Read interesting stories about America

This is a complete list of the videos in Fun Easy English. Introducing my wife Akiko, and Mr. A. Lee En….AKA Alien.

Who should pay when you eat with a friend at a restaurant? This page offers a bit of information.

The undergraduate education system explained: information on types of institutions, degrees, liberal arts, schedules, and grading.

Grammar sucks but you need to know the rules if you want to speak and write English correctly.

What makes an American so arrogant? This page explains what to expect when meeting Americans, from dating to putting on perfume and smelling nice.

An American vacation can be a wonderful thing. It can also be awful if you do the wrong thing. Read the way to stay safe while you are visiting America.

What should you do if Americans cannot understand your English? This page give you some advice on dealing with language problems.

Want to understand American movies, music videos, and more? Then you need to learn a lot of slang.

– I am happy to make friends from all over the world

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