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Funny Names A-J

Didi Reelydoit (Did He Really Do It?)

Ivan Itchinanus (I Hate an Itching Anus)

Ivana Humpalot (I Want to Hump A Lot)

Denny Juan Heredatt (Did Anyone Hear That?)

Darius Lesgettham (There He Is, Lets Get Him)

Carlotta Tendant (Car Lot Attendant)

Juan De Hattatime(One Day at a Time)

Achilles Punks (Ill Kill These Punks)

Douglas S. Halfempty (The Glass is Half Empty)

Ivana Kutchukokoff (I Wanna Cut Your Cock Off)

Candice B. Fureal (Can This Be For Real)

Craven Moorehead (Craving More Head)

There is nothing better at 5pm on a Friday afternoon, than to call up the airport and have one of these names paged…

Haywood Jablowme (Hey, Would You Blow Me?)

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Adolf Oliver Nippils (Ate Off All Of Her Nipples)

Amanda Hugnkiss (A Man to Hug and Kiss)

Candice B. DePlace (Can This Be The Place)

Barry D. Hatchett (Bury the Hatchett)

Helena Hanbaskett (Hell In A Hand Basket)

Henador Titzhoff (He Gnawed Her Tits Off)

Amanda B. Recandwithe (A Man to Be Reckoned With)

Haywood Jashootmee (Hey Would You Shoot Me?)

Hal Jalikakick (Howd ya like a kick)

Dick Zucker (Dick Sucker…You Know Who You Are)

Claude N. Skretchem (Clawed and Scratched Them)

Dustin D. Furniture (Dusting the Furniture)

Alex Blaine Layder (Ill Explain Later)

Fletcher Bisceps (Flex Your Bisceps)

Jeanette Akenja-Nearing (Genetic Engineering)


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