Get Creative With These Inventive (Yet Totally Cool) Baby Names

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Theres a fine line between picking a trendy baby name that might be a passing fad and picking a name that is unique and crazy cool. Names that are a tad rock n roll are always a safe bet, because it sure doesnt seem like the allure of a little bit of edge is going anywhere anytime soon.

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One fun way to come up with a crazy, yet totally cool, baby name is by switching up the ending or the spelling of a more traditional name. Often, just by adding in an x or z, you can come up with a name that is unique. Here are some ideas:

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Name your child after your favorite rock idol or screen siren with these fun and creative ideas. Many of these names use the last name as a first name for an edgy twist. For example, instead of naming your child Marilyn after Marilyn Monroe, giving her the name Monroe sounds modern and cool. Here are more examples:

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Check out more ideas below for finding a unique baby name for your girl or boy.

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These unique baby names for boys and girls are a little bit rock n roll and a whole lot adorable

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You can also borrow unconventional name ideas from celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow who caused quite a stir when she named her daughter Apple, as did Beyoncwhen she named her daughterBlue Ivy. Kate Winslet found afierce name in Bear, and we just loveKourtney Kardashians baby boyname, Reign.

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There is no doubt that names like Elizabeth and Henry are great traditional names. However, dont limit your choices to only classic names! Think outside the box with our list of cool objects that make great baby names. Many of these names are unisex and can work equally well for bothbaby boysandbaby girls.

Mythological names are totally crazy, yet cool. Watch theClash of the Titansand you might find yourself leaning towards having your own little Zeus running around! Here are some great mythological baby names:

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Names like Hendrix, Nelson and Joplin are a new twist on things, but at the same time they still feel classic like theres no way theyll be going out of style in the near future.

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