How to get a native-like English style of speaking ?

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.. plus sleeping pronunciation benchmark, plus idiomatic speech guide, plus conversation class,… the list goes on..

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Im voting to close this question as off-topic because its a request for resources

@FumbleFingers: Its also too broad, unfortunately, a subject for an entire website, not a single question.

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This question does not appear to be about learning the English language within the scope defined in thehelp center.

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Its called a sleeping dictionary.

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The most problematic issue we face with learning English, there may be a lot of people who dont want to speak like natives though. Thats not my case cause I really like the language and Im sure so many others feel the same.

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By the way, Is there any website or any other methods to fulfill the aim? Even once I was trying to find the curriculum of schools in US to find out how to kind of put my feet on natives shoes, But I faced a bigger problem. long story short, I feel like Im done with the grammar and I think its about time to step further and be just like them, Im even trying to memorize songs and lyrics but I guess that wont fly with the daily life.

Ive been using a podcast that is fairly good but it doesnt contain all various aspects of a daily life, thats why I was wondering that it might be the question of many other English learners as well.

A friend once said The only way to really learn a language is lying down. What he meant was that the only way to get a detailed knowledge of a language is to live with a native.

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So this might be a common question for non-native speakers, how to speak like English american natives ?!

And before you get your plane tickets, be sure to choose the part of America that has the accent/style that you like. They arent all the same (though I am pretty sure I dont have any accent at all).

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