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How to Learn a Language on YouTube [VIDEO

These videos are animated, making them more fun and intuitive. They also place a high priority on accent, so you canparle francaiswith the natives in no time.

Being multi-lingual can catapult you to career success. Plus, significant research has shown people who learned a second language at a younger age were likely to have more advanced grey matter in their nervous systems.

These videos will help you plunge into the complex world of the Arabic language. The videos ease you in with the alphabet and basic grammar rules, so you wont have struggle once you get into words and sentences.

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And just because youre virtually learning a language doesnt mean you cant practice in the real world. Initiate conversations with native speakers the process will become more intuitive, while reinforcing key words and phrases.

Since most of these channels host several videos, give yourself a goal of learning one video a day. Trying to cram too much information can get confusing.

These videos are clear and comprehensive. They are perfect for listening to on-the-go with an iPod. The added phonetic spelling also makes it easy to understand word pronunciation.

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Also, take notes. Even though YouTube is great for casual learning, treat the videos as if you were in front of a teacher. It will help you focus. Notes also create a good study guide for later reference.

But theres no need to head for the Rosetta Stone or pay for a tutor. You can start your journey around the world simply by watching a fewYouTubevideos.

The best practice for learning a language is to repeat popular words and phrases. But make sure to repeat out loud, not in your head its the only way to practice pronunciation and accent nuances. Most of the videos even pause and wait for you to repeat the phrase. And you can always rewind to work on troublesome words and phrases.

Have you used other online resources to learn a new language? Tell us about them in the comments.

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To get started, search within YouTube for your language of choice. Sift through the vast pool of available tutorials. Once you weed out the less helpful ones, youll see there are plenty of educational channels dedicated to specific languages. (Check out the gallery below for some of the best channels and videos for language learning.)

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We even put the theory to the test. Watch the video above as I try to learn Russian through YouTube.

This series of videos is produced by the same company that made the Russian set. The videos tackle full sentences, as opposed to just words or letters, so you can master whole conversations after just one video.

This basic Arabic grammar course, consisting of 10 Arabic lessons and accompanying course materials, follows the course Reading and Writing the Arabic Script.

Communication skills comprise the tip of the iceberg when expanding your cultural know-how, such as trying food from other parts of the world, making friends from a new country or even packing up and heading to a new continent.

And apart from that, language is fun!

These videos use highlighting and repetition to help your mind and mouth make the connection when speaking. If you pay attention to the letters on the screen, you can learn to read Hindi, as well.

These videos are great for learning important words and phrases quickly.

Mandarin can be a tough language to tackle, but this series of videos helps make the feat manageable by breaking down each lesson into topics, such as in the restaurant, directions or shopping.

So, head to YouTube with good luck,bon chance, buena suerteandbuona fortuna!

Knowing a secondary language is par for the course in todays ultra-connected cultures and global workforces.


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