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How to Learn Chinese Characters

Step 1: Understand the basics of how Chinese characters work

And thats a goal you canachieve, if you take things step by step.

Should you learn simplified Chinese characters or traditional Chinese characters?

How to look up Chinese characters on your iPhone / iPad / Android smartphone

Here are some resources that will help you to understand the basics of Chinese characters and how they work

Skritter review  a really fun and effective app that teaches you how to write Chinese

Learn about the different types of strokes in Chinese characters

Learning Chinese? Dont Make This Mistake With

Even if you just know500 characters, you can recognise about75%of Chinese, with1000you get89%coverage.

How do you say know in Chinese?

Buy 1 get 1 free on sessions with native speakers on m

How do verb complements work in Chinese?

DigMandarin – your guide to the Chinese learning jungle

Get an idea of the basic principles behind the order of the strokes

Start using the websites that will show you exactly how to write any Chinese character

How to use Chinese handwriting recognition on your iPhone / iPad or iPod Touch

How many Chinese characters do you need to know?

The 10 things every beginner needs to know about Chinese characters

The essential Chinese character components that you should learn first (Part II)

Does learning the most common Chinese characters actually work?

How to type Chinese on an iPhone / iPad

Chinese characters put a lot of people off.

How to make a suggestion in Chinese using

Step 3: Discover the tools that can help you master Chinese characters

The essential Chinese character components that you should learn first (Part III)

And Ill be adding more useful resources in the future ?

Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese Fluently, Tips and Techniques on How to Study Chinese

Yes there are perhaps 50,000 Chinese characters in existence; butmost of them are so rarethat youll never see them.3000 charactersshould pretty much cover you for modern Chinese.

Step 2: Understand the essential parts (the radicals and components) of characters

How to get your iPhone to read texts out to you in Chinese

If you understand the components and radicals of Chinese characters, and the basic strokes that are used to write them, then learning to read and write fluently is mainly a matter of persistence and time, but you can do it!

The essential Chinese character components that you should learn first (Part I)

SeekPanda – hire on-demand Chinese interpreters all over the world

Start writing Chinese characters in 10 minutes


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