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Please David can you kindly enlighten me on the procedures and the items required for the submission of IOA scores? How are the scores for specifically IOA moderated?

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Good question, Mohammed – I see that I have not included a summary of the procedure for the Interactive Activities, as I have for the Individual Interview. So I have now added such a summary in the page above…

On allocating bi-linguals

The intertextual SL WA?

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qBank – transferable academic language (TAL)

That said, I can see a case for preparing an interaction, e.g. a TV interview, in the sense that one might prepare a role play – decide what issues are going to be covered, and even, in the case of the interviewer, what questions should be asked. But such preparation should be done individually, confidentially, so as to retain the elements of surprise and spontaneity.

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The skilful English B teacher will organise a lot of interaction – between teacher and class, and between student and student. It should go without saying that this should be genuine interaction, not scripted or forced. Healthy, natural interaction involves disagreement, jokes, digressions … yes, and irrelevance and time-wasting occasionally! If the language is to be used properly, it should be used honestly and…

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Thank you David. That is what I thought. It would be difficult to evaluate fluency if a script was coordinated and used during the role-play. Thank you.

For a television interview, can students prepare a script? And if they do, are they able to use the script during the oral activity?

The intertextual SL WA?

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I know of no specific prohibition against writing scripts, Kevin, but I would have thought that scripting an interaction is basically against the spirit of the Interactive Oral. The point, I believe, is that students should demonstrate that they can use language naturally and spontaneously in the normal flow of interaction. If a group of students write their interaction beforehand, its not exactly real interaction, is it?

Thanks very much David for your valuable assistance..


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