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London Man Seen Trying To Smash Car Windows With Knife

The incident took place inside a church during a baptism ceremony.

School Counselor Arrested For Improper Sexual Relationship With Teen Student

Spain Sack Head Coach Julen Lopetegui

Burger King Pulls World Cup Ad, Apologizes

ByVaishnavi Vaidyanathanon 06/21/18 AT 7:11 AM

Nikki Haley Says US Wont Pay More Than 25% For UN Peacekeeping

Iraqi Refugee Raped And Killed Jewish Girl In Germany

Black Mountain Collapses In Zambia, Several Feared Dead

A Malaysian CEO was killed in his home from an explosion and fire triggered by his cell phone.

Three Graffiti Artists Feared Killed In Train Tragedy

Over 50 Celebrities Who Are Geminis

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Prince William Quotes On 36th Birthday

Facebook Messenger Adds English-Spanish Translation

Video Of Couple Having Sex On Flight Goes Viral

BySuman Varandanion 06/21/18 AT 4:47 AM

British Man Fatally Stabs Himself Believing He Had Stab-Proof Vest

A shark species seen just once in a decade was found on sale at a local market.

Militant Vegans Wage Campaign of Hate Against Butchers

According to the Daily Mail, the unruly passenger threatened to kill the other person while exhanging blows between a row of seats.

Rare Ganges Shark Found On Sale At Fish Market

While Sanjay Dutta managed to capture the 30-foot-long snake, he proceeded to wrap it around his shoulder before posing for a selfie, instead of putting it safely inside a bag.

MLB Salaries 2018: 50 Highest-Paid Baseball Players This Season

A 22-year-old English man fatally stabbed himself thinking that a vest he wore could withstand the blade.

According to the Human Society International, at least 10,000 dogs are consumed each year during the festival.

Soldier Who Stole Armored Vehicle Caught By Police

President Donald Trump threatened Monday to hit $200 billion of Chinese imports with 10 percent tariffs if Beijing retaliates against his previous announcement to target $50 billion in imports.

The two officers have been charged with obstruction of justice for their alleged crime.

Did Threats That Kim Jong Un Faced Same Gruesome Fate As Gaddafi Wreck Singapore Summit?

Drunk Man Arrested For Threatening Fellow Passenger On Plane

Forest Ranger Risks Life To Take Selfie With Python

White Jihad: Neo-Nazi Admits Plot To Murder Lawmaker

Trump Cancels Summit With Kim Jong-un

China Says It Regrets US Quitting UN Rights Council

BySuman Varandanion 06/21/18 AT 3:43 AM

Forced Migration From Central America: 5 Essential Reads

ByVaishnavi Vaidyanathanon 06/20/18 AT 8:32 AM

ByPritha Paulon 06/21/18 AT 8:03 AM

President Donald Trump announced in a letter Thursday that the upcoming summit between himself and Kim Jong-un was no more.

He took two Starburst candies out, threw them on the table and said to Merkel, Here, Angela. Dont say I never give you anything, Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer said.

Woman Accidentally Tips $60,000 For Food Delivery

There was no official confirmation of the move from military authorities.

ByAndrew N. Whiteon 06/21/18 AT 10:23 AM

ByPritha Paulon 06/20/18 AT 8:04 AM

Yulin Dog Meat-Eating Festival Begins

Despite repeated requests from the passengers to deplane, they were kept onboard the aircraft for an hour before being allowed to leave.

Indian Spiritual Guru Gets Life Imprisonment For Raping Teenager

Short-Tempered Priest Slaps Toddler

Facebook Groups Testing Paid Monthly Subscriptions

Canadian Police Under Investigation For Allegedly Eating Marijuana During Shift

Trump Says North Korea Returned Remains Of 200 US War Dead

North Korea Discards Souvenirs Attacking US Singapore Summit

ByVaishnavi Vaidyanathanon 06/20/18 AT 7:42 AM

Woman Found Guilty Of Killing Mother-Of-Four In Alleged Custody Plot

Woman Swallowed Whole By 23-Foot Python In Indonesian Village

ByVaishnavi Vaidyanathanon 06/21/18 AT 5:26 AM

Israel Drops Poop Bombs On Palestinian Protesters In Gaza

Israel, which has been heavily criticized for the use of live-fire against the recent mass protests in Gaza, has turned to a new tool to disperse angry crowds.

Guess Whats The One Thing Kim Jong Un Wont Leave Home Without?

William was born at St. Marys Hospital in London, England, becoming the first heir to the throne to ever be born in a hospital.

OPEC Strives For Oil Deal As Iran Insists On Modest Rise In Output

ByCatesby Holmeson 06/20/18 AT 1:06 AM

Major US Airlines Refuse To Transport Children Separated From Families

Trump Threw Starbursts At Angela Merkel During G7 Summit

40 ISIS Brides To Be Executed In Iraq

Netanyahus Wifes Appetite For Take Out Leads To Fraud Charges

BySuman Varandanion 06/19/18 AT 9:08 AM

Dozens Missing As Ferry Sinks In Indonesia

According to the Daily Mail, a husband and wife who were traveling on the same plane saw the couple sitting two rows behind appearing to be joining the Mile High Club.

Pakistan Taliban Chief Killed In US Drone Strike

FBI Claims Rising Numbers Of Commercial Flight Sexual Assaults

Benjamin Netanyahu Left Foot In Mouth After Kicker Of A Dessert

South African Father Throws Baby From Roof During Protest

ByAndrew N. Whiteon 06/19/18 AT 10:25 AM

Sara Netanyahu accused of misusing $100,000 in state funds to order lavish meals from Israels most famous chefs.

A woman in Australia has been found guilty of killing a mother-of-four in an alleged plot to gain custody of the victims children.

According to Argentinas minister of security, Particia Bullrich, the arrests have dismantled an international e trafficking organization operating between Argentina, Russia and Germany.

Only about 10 percent of the tumor grew inside the skull, doctors who performed the surgery said, adding the patient is now out of danger.

Netanyahu Denies Phone Tap Allegations

Local daily Zambia Watchdog reported that over 20 youths are still trapped under part of the mountain that collapsed.

It might take time to find victims who drowned, Budiawan, head of the search and rescue team said.

5 Alleged Members Of International Drug Trafficking Organization Held

North, South Korea Agree To End Korean War

47 Million Americans Expected To Travel This July 4

Poop Jogger Quits Job After Being Caught

Restless Flight Passengers Blasted With Blowers Inside Cabin

China Warns Washingtons Capricious Trade Actions Will Hurt US Workers

The suggestion that June 21 be celebrated as International Yoga Day was first put forward by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014.

Man Kills 3 People In Neighborhood Before Killing Self

Simon Cockerell, general manager at Koryo Tours said these not so subtle anti-American souvenirs were very popular but has been completely removed now.

Meghan Markle Style Evolution: The Duchess Of Sussexs Fashion Transformation

ByVaishnavi Vaidyanathanon 06/20/18 AT 6:49 AM

This makes her the second serving prime minister in history to give birth.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley announced the decision to pull out of the council on Tuesday over what she said was chronic bias against Israel and a lack of reform.

The promotion was announced Tuesday on VK, the Russian equivalent of Facebook.

Chinese School Children Killed In Knife Attack

Grandson of Israels Chief Rabbi To Marry Boyfriend This Week

Now more than ever, we need to stand WithRefugees is the theme for World Refugee Day 2018, which will be marked in over 100 countries.

EasyJet Passengers Luggage, Prized Jersey Ripped To Shreds After Flight

A Canadian grandmother accidentally gave a fried chicken delivery person the tip of a lifetime with a $60,000 gratuity.

Quotes And Lesser Known Facts On World Refugee Day

Experts explain Central Americans migrants are moving to escape conflict, generalized violence and targeted persecution.

Uber Drivers Have Earned $600M In Tips In One Year

Video Game-Addicted Boy Damaged Bowel To Keep Playing

ByVaishnavi Vaidyanathanon 06/21/18 AT 5:10 AM

ByVaishnavi Vaidyanathanon 06/19/18 AT 7:40 AM

Doctors In India Remove Supposedly Worlds Largest Tumor

Trump Says North Korea Returned Remains Of 200 US War Dead

Forest Ranger Risks Life To Take Selfie With Python

ByPritha Paulon 06/20/18 AT 7:09 AM

An English boy damaged his bowel and bladder after he stopped using the bathroom to continue to play video games.

The passenger discovered his bag sustained damage after a flight from Barcelona to Bristol, England.

Neighbor Uses Night Vision Camera To Catch Poop Jogger Suspect

Senior Citizen Found Dead In 24-Hour Coffee Shop

Cell Phone Explosion, Fire Kills CEO Inside Home In Malaysia

1 Billion Firearms In The World, 40% Owned By US Civilians

Celebrate International Yoga Day 2018 By Learning Facts About The Art

BySuman Varandanion 06/21/18 AT 7:45 AM


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