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An Introduction to Community Health

is an examination, especially in a foreign language, that is spoken rather than written.

What does this suggest about his oral language skills?

is used to describe things that involve speaking rather than writing.

Before that we had only an oral culture.

With oral contraceptives it was when they were with a partner.

This is what you get when governments treat oral health as an optional extra.

If it persists, an oral antibiotic may be needed.

It also has potentially dangerous interactions with alcohol and other drugs including oral contraceptives.

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Other options available to the creditor include oral examination to see whether it is worthwhile trying to enforce the judgement.

Oral language is a much more global language than that of the universities or church declarations.

This is an oral culture as much as a written one.

Work snack warning Eating biscuits and cakes at work is contributing to the obesity epidemic and poor oral health, dentists have said.

The pair refused to give oral evidence.

The guidance says care homes should assess the oral health needs of residents and record them in personal care plans.

Poor oral health during childhood increases the risk for poor nutrition and other health problems.

Martlew, Gillian Silver, Shelley (ed)

The judge had to decide how much oral evidence to allow at a future hearing.

Oral contraceptives became available in the beginning of the sixties.

…an oral exam in the form of an interview.

Very Common. oral is one of the 4000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary

Experts blame high amounts of sugar in food and drink as well as poor oral hygiene.

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McKenzie, James F. Pinger, Robert R.

Yet poor oral hygiene is linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

The Medicine Chest – your familyapos;s guide to prescription drugs

Oral contraceptives used at the same time as gout drugs can cause bleeding between periods.

It has been reported that only an oral agreement existed.

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We deal with decay and oral hygiene.

If you have an oral agreement then it is valid until the end.

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