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iVIEW 3100STB Digital Converter Box with Recording Media Playback and Universal Remote

This junk. Does not work. Tried to get refund but no one will answer my emails. . Have to pay shipping back. Never order from outside distributor again.

Auto tuning (tune all digital broadcasts)

This box brought 2 older TVs back to life

Reading other reviews definitely helped for things like how to input the channel numbers (0401 for 4.1) but I found the set up rather easy. The trick once you have connected the box to your antenna and then the box to your TV, is to then tell the box to scan for channels. It works perfectly after that but keep in mind that the *box* now controls the TV except for off and on. Ive followed this process for two older TVs and it brings in about 32 channels each with a 25 mile antenna. No need to buy new TVs for the guest and weight rooms, just convert the older TVs to new. Saved me a great deal of money. Ill admit I have only had the box for little over a week and have not tried the recording or media playback features, but just the resurrection of the old TVs was well worth the price.

Being a digital converter box, while true, is the least of what this little jewel is or does! Its a digital video recorder! A DVR for a song! It also plays almost all computer/internet video formats (ie, mpg, avi, mp4,…). It displays or does a slide show of digital images in almost all image formats (ie, jpg, gif, …). It records to, or plays from memory devices plugged into its USB port. It records real time or scheduled in advance. It accepts flash drives or hard drives up to 3TB! Thats enough to binge watch for thousands of hours! Its menuing system is a bit non-obvious, but just takes a bit of getting used to. You might have to do something not typical for an American male: read the instructions! (I didnt an havent.) I may just get a second of these just to keep as a spare. This is the slickest little item Ive run into in quite a while, and its a shockingly good value! You gotta getcha one!

iVIEW 3100STB Digital Converter Box with Recording, Media Playback and Universal Remote

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Been using this box for 2 years now with no problems. I live in a trailer 60 miles out in the deasert, yet when I hooked this box up and did a channel scan, it picked up 42 channels. It does require an external storage device if you want to record (not included; I use a 8gig memory stick). It does come with a small antenna that might work in town; if youre further out you might need a better one (I still have an old roof-mounted antenna that works fine). I have had to replace the remote (I sat on it…), but when I ordered one online from the factory ( a universal remote wont work) it was here 2 days later. Ive pretty much left the thing on since LAST Christmas (I just turn off the tv) and its been working great!

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It does convert to display HDTV over HDMI

This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out.

Ive been trying to consolidate my expenses, cable being one of them. I now need a DVR to record my local OTA channels(( I go to bed now at 8:30) and miss a lot of my shows. Now if you have esp to get it to record youll be fine. I had this for 1 1/2 weeks and still couldnt get it to work. The directions were a joke. Needless to say it was returned. I bought a Koramzi CB105. Hooked it up, did my channel scan and then tried recording a few ways. Schedule to record while tvs on watching same program. Tv being off (not DVR box though that was on) And tv being off on one channel and scheduling another channel to record and EVERYTHING worked. I was soooo happy. Just followed direction to record and it worked. Yeah!!!!!

For those that do not undestand what this product does I will offer an explanation. This is an over the air, digital to analog signal convertor. It receives the digital, over the air signal and converts it to an analog signal so that old analog televisions can display picture and sound. This is not a cable convertor box, It WILL NOT work hooked up to comcast, charter, fios etc. For this box to convert a signal it will require an external antenna (ie…rabbit ears) to be connected to it BEFORE a channel scan is performed. I hope this clears up some confusion for some users. As a side note, the electronic program guide built into this device is only as good as the info it receives from the broadcasting station. If there is no guide info being broadcast, there is no info for the EPG to display.

This item does work; however, using it is pretty frustrating and I had a odd IR problem. Picture displayed fine on my HDTV, but using the menu and remote left a lot to be desired. Menus are not intuitive and the guide doesnt show much information. Remote did need to be pointed pretty much right at the box, but I ran into a really wired issue that was a deal breaker. The number buttons on the remote just happen to share the same IR codes as my TVs commands to change inputs. Press 2 and the TV thought it needed to switch to the VGA input. I probably would have kept it if I didnt have this issue since it was just $20 when I bought it. Never had a remote do that, it does happen occasionally, but I returned it and switched to the RCA unit. All of the other cheap converters looked almost identical to this iView so I figured I would run into the same IR problem.

Auto tuning (tune all digital broadcasts)

It doesnt work period I tried everything it scan all the chanels but it doesnt start it so very poor quality I had another brand it was perfect easy but my husband give it to someone this brand is not good at all!

So far this is the fourth converter box I have used over the past few years. This is not the worse, Ill admit. However several things about it did not meet my expectations. The menus are not user friendly, and trying to read and understand the manual requires much patience. Next, I could not get it to display program information. This was the only box which could display about 5 days on the Electronic Program Guide, (all the others barely do 2 days) but if I clicked INFO I got nothing really. Click it twice I got the signal strength. If you clicked MENU then the show playing would stop until you got out of that mode. There are also no buttons to turn on or change channels on this box. If the flimsy remote which comes with all of them fails you, then youre in trouble.

iVIEW 3100STB Digital Converter Box with Recording, Media Playback and Universal Remote

Compact device and easy to set up TV channels. User manual does not indicate what USB flash drive recording speed is minimal. I had to try various SD cards to find out the min was a Class 10 speed. The converter box shuts down after a timed recording. How do you record more than one show if it turns off? User manual, in print or online, is a bare minimum and some of terms used are confusing. English in the manual needs to be improved. As a converter box it works fine, if that is all you want. The INFO key is nice but it takes up too much room on the screen for amount displayed. I could not find a way to stop a scheduled recording. I had to let it complete. As with other devices, the acronym PVR (personal video recorder) is odd. Have to get used to that one. The number pad on the remote is not setup like a other remotes like a calculator keypad.


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