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The Newly Updated Routledge Translation Studies Portal

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Routledge Classics and Routledge Great Minds

Routledge Studies in Chinese Linguistics

This collection of Allan Lukes key writings on educational policy, curriculum, and school reform follows the development and use of critical discourse analyses to study educational policy and practice. Turning to a series of narrative analyses of the relationship between politics, culture,

United States Minor Outlying Islands

Formacin de palabras y enseñanza del español LE/L2 offers a unique combination of theory and practice that guides the reader through the main processes of word formation in Spanish. It provides a detailed analysis of the role of lexical creation in the acquisition of L2 Spanish vocabulary, as well

We are pleased to introduce our new App for learning Mandarin Chinese on the move.

Author of the Month: Jean-François Mondon

Routledge Research in Language Education

Sam Vale Noya commissions books on the language learning list across a range of languages, from the most commonly taught to the less commonly taught languages, with a particular interest in Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. The language learning list focuses on publishing textbooks, grammars, dictionaries, and supplementary materials designed for language learning students in higher education. The list also publishes high level reference materials such as edited collections (handbooks and companions) and research monographs aimed at linguists and scholars, as well as professional texts presenting the latest research in language pedagogy aimed at language teachers and educators.

Routledge Advances in Spanish Language Teaching

Perform Suzhou is a task- and performance-oriented textbook course for Chinese study abroad programs serving intermediate- to advanced-level learners. Performance is the key concept; developing communication skills through role playing. Field performance tasks enable students learning Chinese to

We caught up with Andrew Gillies to discuss his book,Note-taking for Consecutive Interpreting: A Short Course, 2nd Edition.Read on for our exclusive interview with Andrew.

The Routledge Chinese Character Trainer App

Level 1 of The Routledge Course in Modern Mandarin

Formacin de palabras y enseñanza del español LE/L2

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ByXiaobin JianJianfen WangJunqing JiaChenghua Feng

South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands

Judith Newlin commissions a range of undergraduate and graduate textbooks, supplementary course texts, professional books and handbooks across English Language, Linguistics, and Applied Linguistics. She is particularly interested in proposals for new titles in second language acquisition, computational linguistics, linguistic anthropology, and American languages. Her key series includeApplied Linguistics in Action,Cognitive Science and Second Language Acquisition,Innovations in Language Learning and Assessment at ETS,Routledge E-Modules on Contemporary Language Teaching,Routledge Foundations in Linguistic Anthropology,Research and Resources in Language Teaching,Second Language Acquisition Research,Routledge Handbooks in Linguistics,Routledge Handbooks in Applied Linguistics,andRoutledge Handbooks in Second Language Acquisition.

Colloquials series relaunches with free audio online

Andrea Hartill commissions books in the areas of language learning, translation, and pedagogy, with a special interest in Chinese and Arabic. As an experienced Senior Publisher, she has published books for the scholarly and professional reader, as well as for textbook markets. The Routledge Language list focuses on textbooks, grammars and dictionaries, plus research monographs, handbooks, and encyclopedias. She publishes innovative texts across a wide range of languages, including the less commonly taught languages. She can be found on .

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To celebrate St Davids Day, we asked Gareth King, author of ourWelsh Languagebooks to writehisFive Top Tips for Learning Welsh. You can also use our discount codeACT47to get 20% off these books. What better way to celebrate St Davids Day than to polish your Welsh!

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. The app matches the characters presented in the course lesson by lesson, so students can practice these and test themselves independently before moving on.

Central Asian, Russian & East European Studies

130 Milton Park,Abingdon,OxonOX14 4SB,UK

provides the 180 characters presented in

Learn Mandarin on the Go With Our New App

The Routledge Chinese Studies Portalis your one-stop-shop for all Chinese Studies resources from Routledge. Take an interactive tour through the first lesson of our leading self-study course,Colloquial Chinese, sample our extensive range of language learning books, browse related titles within Chinese area studies and explore a variety of free resources including a demo of our newChinese Character Trainerapp, hundreds of audio clips, flashcards to test your vocabulary and links to our collection of companion websites, each containing further activities and resources related to specific books.

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Military, Strategic & Security Studies

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We provide researchers, professionals, lecturers and students with books, Journals, eProducts, Resources and Information in the subject of Language Learning.

Routledge Author of the Month: Will Fowler

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The Routledge Translation Studies Portal offers a wide range of online resources and teaching materials, links to key organisations and samples from our ground-breaking titles in translation and interpreting studies. This portal is updated to include several new sample chapters, resources including author interviews and video, more complementary exercises, journals content, and much more.

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The Routledge series of self-learning foreign language courses,Colloquialsare now supported by FREE AUDIO available onlineon a dedicated website, allowing you to practice all the audio exercises within theColloquialstitles, for free.

The Routledge Chinese Studies Portal


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