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Learn a Language with YouTube 30 Channels You Cant Miss

I recently posted alist linking to hundreds of free language courses. I think its vital to look for free language instruction since a) so much of it is available and b) most people only have limited money to spend on materials.

Travel Linguist (Too many languages to list)

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Okay, great! Thanks for passing along.

This is my own channel to help beginners in French, feel free to add it to the list if you think its relevant.

For German GetGermanized is the best choice ?

This guy I like a lot: kind of funny, good energy. On Facebook he has a word of the day that has help me learn some very wichtig words

Great post, Ron:-) Thanks a lot:-) Just wanna add one more source: Extra , available in German , French, and Spanish as far as I know:-)

Nathaniel Dick Khmer, Chinese

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Great offering Ron, thank you! Im looking forward to checking some of these out. And if you ever happen on any good channels for learning Tagalog let me know. Its on my radar!

you want to learn Arabic and Egyptian Arabic. Please check my channel on youtube

Awesome, thanks for sharing, Hitri! Another good resource, for sure.

I also tried as much as possible to find channels that were independently owned and maintained. Theres a lot of great, slick YouTube videos published by corporations. But YouTube is unique in that it provides a place whereindividualswith good things to offer can easily produce their own content.

I am currently working on my German, Thank you you for sharing your tips. For anyone learning Spanish or English pop over to my cannel. I hope you will find something useful. Good Luck on you language journey!

Extras (va Diabl2v) German and French episodes on this channel (with more episodes/languages scattered throughout YouTube)

Haha! Professor Jason is a teacher at my college. Its both funny and awesome to see him on the list ?

This American youtuber has really good videos and he makes subtitles in English and French, and is in the process of crowd-sourcing subtitles for other languages to make it accessible around the world.

Professor Jason Spanish and Portuguese

Any YouTube channels I missed? Let me know about them in the comments.

Haha, very cool! He does great work. Talented guy and communicates ideas well.

For people who are serious about Russian, there are dozens of videos here with brief, clear explanations of tricky grammar points, done by a teacher with 14 years of experience.

Great, thanks, Amy! I saw that Travel Linguist and Easy Languages had some Tagalog/Filipino videos. Looked pretty decent. Let me know how learning it goes for you. I want to learn some myself, but Im trying to stay focused on my German goal. Too many languages, not enough time.

Oh, there are Spanish and Mandarin lessons too, also from Dallas Schools. I cant vouch for them, but they look similar.

Which Language Are You Learning?:SpanishGermanFrenchArabicEnglishItalianKoreanJapaneseTagalogChinese (Mandarin)RussianPortugueseOther/Multiple

German with Jenny is great for English speakers who want to learn German!

So in that spirit, here are more free resources: YouTube channels with language instruction.

Nice! Feel free to add my channel. It is dedicated to learning Ukrainian. Have a look:

These are some Russian lessons on YouTube. Theyre aimed at children and the pace is maddeningly slow. But, they give slow and steady explanations about how to write the Russian script and they are decent size lessons.

(Update: The list is growing thanks to readers input, so there are more than 30 now.)

I tried to limit the list to channels that provide actual instruction. The two videos on my channel, for example, only have me chatting in foreign languages and speaking generally about language learning and my own progress, so my channel doesnt qualify.

Innovative Language Learning (Too many languages to list)

Its a pretty new channel, so I havent uploaded many videos yet, but there will be more to come soon. Ive been making these for a while to help my own students and I thought, why now share them with everyone else?

An honourable mention for Polish. The production standards are first class. Its a shame that the project wasnt more ambitious. If this was a full course with structured lessonns it would be amazing.

Hey you missed Semanticas Portuguese channel:

This guy has loads of videos of various lengths for learning Polish. Mostly its for higher level students, but there are a few bits that are suitable for beginners.

Easy Languages German, Spanish, Arabic, Croatian, English, Thai, Afrikaans, French, Dutch, Filipino

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