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Learn Chinese and Speak Mandarin

The way the phrases are introduced and taught is not very conducive to efficient learning. I would recommend using more structure. Check the progressive approach used by to see what I mean.


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Ok for an average person who doesnt know any Chinese

It says free to try but theres nothing to try if you dont pay, the program is -blocked-. Very low.

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I called my credit card company to try to reverse the charge, and they refused. They found a telephone number in New Hampshire for the company, Covantis, which was listed NOWHERE on the site, and told me I need to call them. I have called several times and got no answer, just an answering machine that sounded like the personal answering machine of some backwoods bumpkin in a double-wide, Hello. Were not in right now. Please leave a name and number and well get back to you.

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Shoshi English To Bangla Dictionary


Signed up for this program online a week ago. I liked the demo and it looked pretty slick and comprehensive.

Version 2.7 contains new and updated lessons. Please modify the search listing to say Learn Chinese through conversation based lessons.

pronunciation is highly questionable on many words. I do not believe this is standard Beijing Mandarin as there is no other Manadrin resources that pronounce some words the way this program does. Many sentences are spoken so quickly the words are slurred and the slowed down version is a pathetic joke!

Has a good dictionary using simplified Chinese while listing them in frequency. So you can study the characters that are used most. There are also many common phrases that you can find the appropriate translation for. I guess its good for conversational Chinese

Lesser value than other options

Users have access to two different speeds of playback for each item. The InstantSpeak method uses a unique audio flash card system that allows you to effortlessly recall what you have learned. Users guide themselves through over one hundred lessons. Each lesson contains a real world conversation between two native speakers. Conversations are further broken down into individual sentences which include pronunciation, meaning and the literal translations of the words that make up the sentences. Once the user has gone through a lesson, the items from that lesson can be added to a flash card section of the program for review. Items from all sections can be added to the flash card section for review.

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Learn Chinese and Speak Mandarin is a revolutionary and award winning new system for learning Chinese designed by language experts. The program contains personalized lessons that give special attention to every day language and pronunciation.

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Dont download unless you got 50 bucks burning a hole in your pocket.

Ok for an average person who doesnt know any Chinese

Lesser value than other options

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Learn how to type in Bangla language.

Dictionary and pinyin sections are enabled

Get English and Sinhala definitions with technical terms glossaries.

*Most importantly, they will not give you back the refund within their given time-line. Also, there is no number to call them to cancel and when you follow the online instructions to cancel and send them a postal mail following their instructions, they will not give you back the money. Then if you send them a support email telling that that youve submitted the request for a refund within the time-line, you will get no response. I suppose you must dispute it from your credit card at this point, in which I just said forget it

Dont download unless you got 50 bucks burning a hole in your pocket.

confusing and of limited value

I sent several support requests through the online form and got no response.



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Just to try if for the 30 days you have send them 50 bucks. Then they said money back guarantee, but who knows. I wouldnt recommened this unless you got 50 bucks to kill. I dont even no if it works because Im not paying 50 bucks to just try something.

I replied to the email confirmation of the charge to my credit card. Nothing.

Sexually explicit or offensive language

-repeatedly attempts to access internet

They charged the ~$45 to my credit card but DID NOT get access to the site (which the downloadable client needs to verify your account).

Promote cracked software, or other illegal content

Not good for Chinese speakers who just need to learn how to read Chinese characters. The Flash Card system (as well as the whole system) is online-based which is just too slow. For this purpose I downloaded CueCard and had to manually input them in the free program.

The phrases taught are useful, and this might be of interest to someone new to Chinese.

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confusing and of limited value


Get an English too Bangla dictionary.

Look up words in thesaurus and dictionary from almost any program.

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the dictionary and phrases log are useful as in character library


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