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The Confucius Institute at Wayne State Universityhas been helping students learning Chinese to gain insight into Chinese culture and improve students language skills through their series of short web videos,Learn a Chinese Phrase. Their videos can be found onYouTubeFacebookandYouKu. Their videos are a fun and easy way to teach students new phrases and ways to best remember them. Portraying a Chinese exchange student and usually a Chinese language student, they discuss the expression together and even give the viewer a chance to say it themselves. Chinese idioms can be found all over the web, but it is sometimes hard to put them into relevant context, especially if you are not in China. These videos are short, fun and easy to watch. If you find yourself looking for something interesting to spice up your Chinese language learning, then you should definitely give these videos a watch!

CLI is a center for Chinese language and cultural studies based in Guilin, China. We have hosted students from over 30 countries and 100 universities, guiding them along the path to Chinese language fluency through immersion. Experience China with CLI and emerge fully proficient in the worlds most spoken language!

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One of the best ways to really start pumping up the proficiency of your Chinese language skills is to start practicing and using the sayings that Chinese people use. Idioms are popularly used in practically all languages and provide a certain degree of fluency and naturalness to your spoken language that text books have a hard time teaching. Have you ever wondered why in English people say the whole nine yards or under my skin? Im sure you could think of dozens of expressions that English speakers use on a daily basis. Chinese has just as many relevant expressions to learn that have become imbedded within the language and culture over its long history.


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