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Learn Chinese in China

Through our flexible and practical Chinese language courses, Mandarin House Suzhou can help you further understand Chinese culture and enjoy your daily life in Suzhou.

Our school in Shanghai offers Chinese training from Intensive Courses to Private Courses, from Business Chinese to Summer Camp. Shanghai offers you a dynamic, cosmopolitan environment.

Chinese language courses at Mandarin House Beijing Chinese school. Learn Chinese in Beijing, experience the

Learn to speak better Mandarin and you will have a huge advantage in tapping into the life and business, a knowledge of Mandarin will also enrich your understanding of fascinating Chinese culture.

at our Chinese language Schools in Beijing & Shanghai. Mandarin House

Language… Culture… Experience…

Located in the heart of the Tianhe business district, Mandarin House Guangzhou school is ready to help you achieve better Mandarin from our proven course curriculum and teaching methods.

At Mandarin House New York Chinese school, Chinese learning will not be difficult. We provide all levels – from total beginner to advanced Chinese course. Make the wise choice and differentiate yourself from the competition!

Mandarin House Changechun offer you a great learning environment with more than 10 teaching classrooms and great opportunities to immerse into an environment of cultural diversity while learning Chinese.

only on Chinese language training and we offer

Tianjin is a metropolis in northern coastal Mainland China. It is a splendid historical background and nice place to study Mandarin Chinese.

Chinas top-ranked Mandarin school is providing high quality Chinese Mandarin courses in Hong Kong! Learning and mastering better Mandarin skills will give you a competitive advantage.

language courses, ideal accommodations and fun activities.

Mandarin House Chengdu Chinese School offer well qualified, native-speaker teaching professionals who design and deliver quality language training courses for students.


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