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Learn Chinese in Hangzhou China

Learning Chinese in China not only provide learners a perfect language environment, but also give learners a best chance to get immersed in Chinese paring with other big cities studying Chinese in Hangzhou would provide learners a better entre to feel the traditional Chinese culture.Read More

Class Size:Small group (max 5 students)

Weekend Small Group Chinese Courses

Price:from4500 RMB for 60 lessons(one period)

Private Tutoring, Intensive Group,HSK PreparationBusiness Chinese.

Hangzhou is called the paradise on earth.

Over 7000+ students from 60+ countries already choose Mandarin Capital to study Chinese and Chinese culture. As the only professional and modern Chinese school in Hangzhou, Mandarin Capital provides students varies of Chinese courses which provide students opportunities to improve chinese.

Schedule:Mon. to Fri., 4 lessons per day

1-on-1, or 1-on-more tailor-made Chinese lessons.

Class Size:1 student or build your own group

Class Size:Small group (max 5 students)

Intensive Small Group Chinese Course

Founded in 2005, Mandarin Capital was and is the most well-recognized Chinese language schoolin Hangzhou, China, and it has been the best choice for many students who want to learn Chinese in China.

The Leading Chinese Language School in Hangzhou, China.

Teachers in Mandarin Capital have more than 3000 lessons teaching urses in Mandarin Capital are to help different kinds of Mandarin learners to learn as much as they can in their possible time.

Mon. to Fri., 4 lessons per day, 20 lessons per week.

Schedule:Sat. & Sun. 4 lessons per day


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