Learn Chinese The Way You Want in Hong Kong and Around the World

My experience at New Concept Mandarin (NCM) was amazing! I was highly impressed by the teaching method, the teacher, and the learning materials. The online videos were extremely helpful and allowed me to make progress faster than I have ever expected. I tried a few other Mandarin schools but NCM is the best!

They are well prepared and will help you effectively achieve

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We offer structured curriculums for learners at all levels with personalized learning materials including:

Learn more about why both ourin-personandonline coursesare among the most popular for those seeking to learn Mandarin across the world, in locations such as Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Australia and the USA.

They understand how challenging it can be to learn Mandarin and

An aspect I love about New Concept Mandarin is its learn-at-your-own-pace style, and its flipped learning approach to acquisition of language. Essentially, with New Concept Mandarin, I study the learning modules via video lesson at home. In this way, the lecture portion of the lesson happens independently and I can always re-watch the course lectures if I need to repeat anything or need extra practice before class.

motivate you to learn Chinese in a meaningful way.

will adjust their teaching pace and methods to suit you as a learner.

Get a free One-on-One trial lesson and free APPS

I would highly recommend this Mandarin school to anyone interested in studying Chinese. It is really fun and once you overcome the initial shock, it is not as difficult as one might think.

the learning objectives for each lesson.

Learn Chinese with Experienced Teachers in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, and More

With our own course books, online video tutorials and apps, we have developed an effective Flipped Learning model to help you learn Chinese languages. With this interactive learning approach students can achieve 3 times more effective learning results than from a traditional classroom lecture situation. This model means learning with us does not start and stop with lectures. Instead, you can continue your study anytime by watching our video lectures and preparing for or reviewing the lesson contents on our website or with our mobile apps anywhere and anytime.

All our teachers are carefully selected and professionally trained.

They have high energy in class and understand how to inspire and

Learn Chinese The Way You Want in Hong Kong and Around the World

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