Learn Japanese Korean Chinese 100% Free LingoDeer

◉ 2,000 most frequently used words covered in 60+ units and 150+ mini-lessons.

Pick up a new language withguided and fun lessons on the go!

◉ Take learning anywhere with offline mode.

◉ Built-in review system that helps you memorize words and selectively reinforces skill points to strengthen weak areas.

◉ Varied and innovative exercise modes that target different skills.

◉ Pleasant and HD recordings from native speakers that are crystal clear and authentic.

◉ Thorough introductions to the alphabet systems and pronunciations.

◉ Full control over how you learn! Japanese learning is available in Kana, Kanji andRomaji; Korean learning is available in Hangul and romanized letters; Chinese learning is available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Pinyin.

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