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Its great to have learned to write characters and read pinyin while studying in Shanghai, but SpeakMandarin has truly helped me continue my pursuit of refining my accent while being back in the United States. Having limited access to Chinese speakers, conversing with my SpeakMandarin teachers prepares me for work when I go back to China.

Courses customized to your needs and level

Tell us your goals and well create a


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I took daily lessons the summer before I moved to China. I was reluctant to do so because of the price, but Im glad I did so. I would recommend m to anyone stuck at the intermediate level. For beginners, though, it might make more sense to invest in some cheaper self-study materials at first.

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Learn Mandarin Chinese online at using situational dialogues, the best way to learn to how to speak mandarin.

I saw a recommendation for on an employment forum for people who wanted to improve their ILR phone test scores. I decided to give it a try and it was well worth it! Good feedback from instructors, and investment in my personal learning goals; also integrated topics of interest to me, to supplement the fixed-level learning plan. Great service!


We piloted the project at Harvey Mudd College for four weeks and achieved excellent results. Our students found the experiences at once intense and liberating, challenging and relaxing. As a result, our students not only improved their proficiency in the course materials, but also had more confidence to use the language in real life.

Full series of free self-taught studying materials

Our mandarin teachers are highly qualified, experienced and well trained by Chinas top universities: Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Language and Culture University… All of them are teaching Mandarin Chinese as a second language major, and hold the teaching credential for TCSL.

— Colin, a student having the ILR preparation classes

Highly qualified private Chinese teachers

Everything You Need to Learn Chinese

Live 1-on-1 online Chinese lessons withcertified native-speaking teachers in Beijing!

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