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Some course may offer vocabulary cards (flashcards), printed on binding paper, as the course supplementary material. Some cards may not pre-cut.Flashcards may be included as part of textbook purchase, or may charge additional to the main textbook.


as experienced teachers in online tutoring. Tuition includes textbooks, 6 months online courses, and course instrutions fees charged by the teacher.

If you learn how to pronounce initials ,finals and different tones ,you will be able to pronounce all of chinese syllables and almost all Chinese words correctly. Panda pinyin can help you not only speak Chinese correctly ,but also type Chinese on computer .

Pinyin uses Roman letters to represent spoken sounds. The 25 Roman letters are used in the Pinyin system (the letter v is not used ,but use insted.) Initialconsonant )+Final(vowel)+Tone. A Pinyin form is generally made up of 3 parts :the initial(consonant) ,the final (vowel),and the tone . The Pinyin table has 63 entries. The Pinyin system has 23 initials ,24 finals ,and 16 combined syllables, totaling 63 sound combinations . Pinyin has four basic tones. Pinyin has four pitched tones ,represented by these symbols ` which are written only above the finals.


Some textbooks include workbook as a set, while many others are sold separately. Online course is not included.

Highlight key learning points, and offers general guidance on how to use the courseware. Some course sessions include the step by step structions.


The students textbook,some textbooks include related teaching material(such as CD-ROM). Online course is not included.

Teaching used to cooperate with other tools,such as teaching kcal,word cards,wall charts,etc..

Online courses include interactive multimedia clips covering major learning points, and some or all course activities and exercises. It enables easy teaching and happy learning for both teachers and students.

This book works at its best with Codybook

CD-ROM contains course audio files, or interactive courseware. Some textbooks include CD-ROM, while many others are old separately.



Classes are offered by the teachers who are considered


Learning Chineseการเรียนรู้ภาษาจีน

Course Category: Kindergarten Elementary Mid-High School College / Adult , Short Term Course, Simplified Chinese

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The combination of paper textbook and realted teaching material.there are a variety of forms,such as paper textbook&CD-ROM,paper textbook&online courseetc..

PDF files are the digital version printed courseware. Some course may only offer PDF download. Online course and PDF download are the separate charge courseware, and calculated individually.

The students homework,some workbook is divided into single or even numbers volume ,some only a single book.

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