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MSc Chinese, University of Edinburgh (2005)

How long does it take a native English speaker to become fluent in Chinese?

Well, as a Taiwanese-Egyptian, Ive lived in both Arabic and Chinese speaking environments throughout my life. Hence, I can tell you right away that both languages are definitely some of the hardes…

OMG, no one has mentioned the Lion-Eating Poem?!

When I started learning Chinese, I was horrified to hear that it would take me 10 years to become fluent. 27 years later Im still working at it. Due to my work on television, some Chinese languag…

Shsh shsh Sh Sh, sh sh, sh sh sh sh.

Below is for those who think they have mastered Chinese language very well including native Chinese people. A lot of same words or statements in Chinese may have totally different meanings accordin…

Which language is more difficult: Chinese or Arabic?

Why do people say Mandarin Chinese is the most difficult language when its grammar is so easy?

The entire poem has only one pronunciation: shi. Here is how you read it:

, aka Dashan , working in Chinese language media since 1988

And I finallylearnedit (oh, and when it comes to Chinese, you nevermasterit).

Originally, I hated learning that language.

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