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Lesson 1 Chinese Alphabet Explained

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Chinese Customs Goodbye Dumplings

how to speak chinese with chinese alphabet in 3 mins Sino Canadian Language and Culture Association

Thanks for your feedback. A written version of the tutorial can be found here

Learn Chinese Letters in 10 Mins Sino Canadian Language and Culture Association

Most definitely. We put out this simple lesson to help people get one feet in the door in learning Chinese. It takes many more videos to explain Pinyin thoroughly, but we will try to create more.

Music, Food, Culture Fusion Festival 2015

this dose not help learning please show more:)

i want something i can just read and not a totorial please

To follow alone with this tutorial, please see theChinese AlphabetExplained.

What to watch next Lesson 2: How to Write in Chinese

This is the video version for arecent blog post on, which covers how you can self study Chinese for basic things like Chinese Greetings, ordering Chinese food, or anything and everything that you wish to say in Mandarin Chinese.

Gaokao 2015 (China National Examination) Begins


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