Lesson Planning What do I teach?

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I do my best to have my students speak English to each other during the class. They work on exercises with partners or in groups prior to the listening exercises, and repeat words and phrases to each other or as a class. I require them to speak almost every week, and evaluate them on their in-class performance during the speaking exercises.

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• A speaking exercise often a group activity as many of my classes have 50 or more students (individually, I ask students to describe their favorite clothes using multiple adjectives; in groups I ask students to present a conversation they might have when shopping for some new clothes.)

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Id be happy to post my full lessons on the ESL 101 website, but (1) they are typically too big, since they are all 90 minute Power Point slide shows; (2) they are chock-full of copy righted material; and (3) theyre my lessons, and no one else is me (that is, they work for me, but might not help you at all). If you really want more details you can message me through Linked In (why doesnt this site have a message feature?) or leave a comment here.

• A second song to introduce the speaking exercise (Jon Bon Jovis UGLY.), and

• An introductory song with the lyrics on a PPT slide show (for fashion, its Taylor Swifts What to Wear)

I teach, mostly, Oral English to university freshman English majors. My lessons are tied to their text book (MacMillan/Shanghai University Press, Inside Out). The book, though, has lessons designed to take 4-5 hours of class time, and I only have my students for 90 minutes a week, so I have to pick and choose elements from the book to teach.

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My primary goal, in all of my lessons, is to help my students to become more comfortable with English as a spoken language. I also want to have fun, to meet the universitys expectations, and to, maybe, teach the students a few useful words or phrases, or a little bit about grammar as it relates to clear communication.

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• Two or three listening exercises from the text book, and an accompanying grammar lesson (in this chapter, its using multiple adjectives)

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• A few vocal exercises to help students work on enunciation and rhythm (tongue twisters, etc.. In this lesson we did: Choose casual clothes, Betty and Bob brought blue balloons, and Inchworms itching.)

• An introductory Improving Speech segment to help students improve the clarity of their communication. In Fashion this segment addresses I very like it. an annoying but commonly used phrase in this part of China. We practice a few phrases they can use in place of I very like it. This segment might focus on a sound like ʒ or ʃ, or a phrase.

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Lessons, of course, have to reflect your style and meet whatever requirements your school has set, so I cant tell you exactly how to plan your lessons. I can, however, describe mine.

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In general, I try to focus on a consistent theme (the book chapter title, for example, Fashion). In a typical lesson I will have:

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