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What are the most widely spoken languages in the world? What language has the most native speakers? Our infographic below gives you the 9 most commonly spoken languages. You might think that

English words from other languages prove one thing: our language is more of a mutt than a purebred. It may seem hard to believe, but most of the words in our dictionary

Have you ever wondered how many languages are spoken throughout the world? Or how many words are in the English language? Or when writing was developed? Well, so have we.

The 9 Most Widely Spoken Languages in the World

Flesch-Kincaid Test: Is Congress Getting Dumber?

Scrabble players know that there arent many English words that end in q. But this is to be expected given the rules of English spelling. In fact, if you dont

Relaxed Pronunciation Is a Big Part of Informal Speech

When I worked as a contract language tester for the FBI, my colleagues and I discussed the phenomenon of native-speaker errors. One native-speaker error stood out for me, perhaps because

RedLine Owner Presents Talk on Organic Search Traffic at Annual ATA Conference

Words That End in q: Its a Pretty Short List!

A few years back, the Sunlight Foundation found that our public servants in Congress were speakin real easy-like. Flesch-Kincaid test data showed that members of Congress were speaking at almost a

More English Words from Other Languages

Of the languages spoken in Ireland, English is the most used by far. However, Irish is the national language of Ireland and is used as a second language throughout the

Yesterday I walked by a pub that recently opened in Grand Rapids and saw the words wells and calls. These words and others are part of the specialized vocabulary of bartenderstheir terms of

The Only Guide to Linking Verbs Youll Ever Need

metoo: The Hashtag Heard Round the World

Specialized Vocabulary: Terms of Art or Industry Jargon?

What are linking verbs? Well, theyre sort of like those boring but reliable friends you have. Theyre not particularly flashy, but boy are they dependable! However, unlike boring friends,

If You Use Theres with Plural Nouns, You Might Be a Native Speaker

Relaxed pronunciation, which is part of informal speech, is a feature of languages all over the world. In English, you hear it in familiar words such as wanna, gonna, and


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