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Liontamer Lyrics

Songwriter(s):Maxwell Alexander Fraser, Rollo Armstrong, Johnston, Ayalah Deborah Bentovim, Zoe Johnstone, Maxi Jazz

It will eventually poison everything that you are

But tomorrow has to start somewhere.

Newspapers, Lion Tamers, This Child,

When theres no where, left to run to

Record Label(s):2001 Arista Records, Inc

No one can be the source of your contempt,

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For when the world, gives you tomorrow

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Only with mellow while your thin enough to slide through

Let me come to you, let me help you down

Only with mellow while your thin enough to slide through

I know its hard, to live for the moment

Publisher(s):BMG Music Ltd., Champion Music, Warner/Chappell Music Ltd., BMG Rights Management (Uk) Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Mgb Ltd., Dipiu S.r.l.

If the sun or the moon should keel away to die,

Or your perspective on yourself of the world

If you place a thing into the center of your life

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