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List of mentally ill monarchs

KingGeorge III of the United Kingdom(17381820; ruled 17601820), suffered from explosive rage attacks, panic attacks, delusions and visual and auditory hallucinations.

A History of Modern Germany Since 1815

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The temporary fits of insanity into which Justin fell warned him to name a colleague. According to John of Ephesus, as Justin II slipped into the unbridled madness of his final days, he was pulled through the palace on a wheeled throne, biting attendants as he passed. He reportedly ordered organ music to be played constantly throughout the palace in an attempt to soothe his frenzied mind.

In many cases, it is difficult to ascertain whether a given historicalmonarchdid in fact possess a genuinemental illnessof some sort, whether he or she was merelyeccentricor suffering symptoms of a physical illness, or whether he or she was just disliked by chroniclers.

Justin II(520578, ruled Eastern Rome 565578).

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KingHenry VI of England(14211471; ruled 14221461 and 14701471)

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Emperor An of Jinof China (382-419, ruled 397-419) suffered from mental and physical developmental disabilities.

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Prof. Hans Förstl, Ludwig II. von Bayern schizotype Persönlichkeit und frontotemporale Degeneration?, in: Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift, Nr. 132/2007

Was an alcoholic, made his horse a senator, ordered political prisoners decapitated over dinner, married his sister and ordered political assassinations. According to multiple classical sources, his mental health deteriorated suddenly after a severe fever that nearly killed him. This suggests that organic brain damage from high body temperature or encephalitis (possibly malarial) may have played a causative role instead of or alongside a preexisting mental illness.

suffered from bouts of psychosis, includingglass delusion.

King George III: Mad or misunderstood?. BBC News. July 13, 2004

KingLudwig II of Bavaria(18451886; ruled 18641886), known as Mad King Ludwig, may have hadfrontotemporal dementiaschizotypal personality disorderorPicks disease.

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The New Cambridge Modern History. Volume 7, The Old Regime, 17131763

On the Kaisers histrionic personality disorder, see

The Mad King ( A Biography of Ludwig II of Bavaria )

Commodus, (161192 AD, ruled 180192 AD) renamed Rome, the Empire, the Praetorian Guard and various streets after himself, believed himself to be the reincarnation ofHerculesand had a servant burned to death for making his bath too cold.

Emperor Hui of Jinof China (259-307, ruled 290-307) suffered fromdevelopmental disabilities.

KingChristian VII of Denmark(17491808; ruled 17671808)

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Talal of Jordan(1909-1972, ruled 1951-1952) abdicated the throne after being unsuccessfully treated for schizophrenia.

Hacker, R; Seitz, M; Förstl, H (October 2007). Ludwig II. von Bayern – schizotype Persönlichkeit und frontotemporale Degeneration?.

Nero, (3768 AD, ruled 5468 AD), nephew of Caligula. Ordered the deaths of his mother and step-brother, had Christians crucified and burned, declared himself a god, allegedly started the Fire of Rome.

KingOtto of Bavaria(18481916; ruled 18861913) suffered from depression, anxiety and insomnia throughout his life. In 1886, the senior royal medical officer wrote a statement declaring that Otto was severely mentally ill.

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Nebuchadnezzar II(c. 634 BC-c. 562 BC, ruled c. 605 BC c. 562 BC) is described in the Bible as displaying symptoms consistent withboanthropy.

KingEric XIV of Sweden(1533-1577; ruled 1560-1568) Developed paranoia and irrational, violent streaks later in his life leading to an erratic rule and the brutal murders of several real or perceived political rivals in theSture Murders. Eric himself stabbedNils Svantesson Stureto death.

Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan

KaiserWilhelm II, German Emperor(1859-1941, ruled 1888-1918).

Royalty and nobility with disabilities

Otto is believed to have suffered fromschizophrenia.

Majd al-Dawla(993-1029, ruled 9971029) was suffering from boanthropy until he was cured byAvicenna, according toPersian traditions.

. U of California Press. pp.24344.

KingCharles VI of France(13681422; ruled 13801422), known as

Tiberius, (42 BC37 AD, ruled 1437 AD). While Tiberius was in his later years in Capri, rumours abounded as to what exactly he was doing there. HistorianSuetoniusrecords the rumours of lurid tales of sexual perversity, including graphic depictions of child molestation, and cruelty, and most of all his paranoia. While heavily sensationalized, Suetonius stories at least paint a picture of how Tiberius was perceived by the Roman senatorial class, and what his impact on the Principate was during his 23 years of rule.

QueenMaria I of Portugal(17341816; ruled 17771816), known as

DMW – Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift

Emperor Taishof Japan (1879-1926, ruled 1912-1926) suffered from mental and physical ailments.

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The University Department of Psychiatry in Munich: From Kraepelin and his predecessors to molecular psychiatry. By Hanns Hippius, Hans-Jrgen Möller, Hans-Jrgen Mller, Gabriele Neundörfer-Kohl, p.27

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Caligula, (1241 AD, ruled 3741 AD) grandnephew of Tiberius, believed that he was a god and that the god of the sea was plotting against him.

This is alist of monarchs who have been described as mentally illin some way by historians past or present.

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Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan

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He undertook no official duties after 1919, and Crown PrinceHirohitowas namedprince regenton November 25, 1921.

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