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Thanks, by the way, for the website. It clears up a lot of things for everybody. And its fun for me to see it all written out.

FireflySerenity Chinese Pinyinary

Updated2014-07-01. Since 2003-12-29. Over a decade helping folks get well versed in Chinese.

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(back-translations of Mandarin to English, with standard Hanyu Pinyin romanization and Chinese characters) for

Serenity: The Official Movie Website, Universal Studios (screen capture)

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FireflyTV series copyright 2002 20th Century Fox Film Corp.;Serenitymovie copyright 2005 Universal Studios. FireflySerenity Chinese Pinyinary is not affiliated with those companies, Mutant Enemy, their licensees, or any related companies. Hanyu Pinyin romanization, Chinese characters for TV and movie dialog, back-translations, and explanations byKevin Sullivan.

Ying2huo3chong2Ning2jing4 Zhong1wen2 Pin1yin1-dian3

Jenny Lynn,FireflySerenityChinese Translator

FireflySerenity Chinese Pinyinary

A helpful translation guide for the Chinese phrases that are spoken in theSerenityverse.

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